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Campaign Proposals

The following proposals will be voted on by US Campaign membership at the 4th National Conference on July 30th at 10:45 a.m.  Only one proposal will be chosen as the priority for US Campaign work in 2005-2006.  Please note that in order to vote you must be a representative of a member organization of the US Campaign that is in "good standing."

Click here to read Exposing the Associated Press, submitted by If Americans Knew, Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, and Palestine Media Watch

Click here to read the Caterpillar Campaign, submitted by Jewish Voice for Peace, Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights/BootCAT Campaign (Boston), International Solidarity Movement - NYC, DC SUSTAIN! (Stop US Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now), with support from StopCAT (Chicago)

We encourage member organizations to review these proposals and talk about them with your respective organizations.  It is important for voting delegates to the 4th National Conference to have a sense of which proposal their respective member group will have an interest and ability to plug into before the conference.