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Call to Action: Fourth Annual Week against the Apartheid Wall (November 9-16)

October 26th, 2006

Possible actions you and/or your group can do (Post your action on the USC website and share what you're doing with the world by clicking here):

1) Organize a teach-in on Palestine and Israel to discuss the Occupation, the Wall, the denial of the Right of Return, and the growing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. Invite speakers from the Global Exchange Speakers' Bureau and distribute US Campaign fact sheets on the Apartheid Wall, the Right of Return, US Policy, Divestment, and/or the CAT Campaign.

2) Organize a protest in front of one of the nine Israeli Consulates in the United States, Washington, D.C.,New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Houston, and Atlanta, to demand the dismantlement of the Apartheid Wall and compensation to Palestinian farmers and civilians who have suffered injury and loss as a result of the illegal Wall. To find the nearest Israeli Consulate to you click here.

3) Launch a divestment campaign in your community, on your campus, or in your place of worship. For more information on Divestment click here and write to organizing@endtheoccupation.org.

4) Organize an action of your own and tell the US Campaign about it!

“We Shall Stay Generation after Generation Defiant and Steadfast until Liberation”

As the ghetto walls close around our people, the voice of the Palestinian and Arab resistance continues to echo within the Bantustans and beyond.

Let us know about your action at:
Make Resistance to The Apartheid Wall go Global!

5 years after the Occupation started its destruction of our lands for the Wall,
2 years after the International Court of Justice called for the dismantling of the Wall,

Across the world mobilization is gearing up for the fourth annual Week against the Apartheid Wall (November 9-16), to unite with Palestinian communities in their struggle against the land grab and expulsion via a series of mass protests.

In Palestine, the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign is preparing mobilization to defend our land and fields from the Wall and against the choking system of permits and gates. Further actions are planned to resist the expulsion and destruction of dozens of Palestinian villages isolated by the Wall and the Jewish-only colonies.

For several weeks, the Campaign has been preparing for the olive season. The Popular Committees are organizing collective harvesting and support in endangered areas while Palestinian youth volunteers participate in the efforts of the farming communities to collect the fruit of their work and stay steadfast to their land. Protests and festivals will mark the Week against the Apartheid Wall.

Students in several West Bank universities are planning for boycott initiatives to join the Week against the Apartheid Wall, taking their place as a new generation in the struggle for liberation.

Globally, the mobilization is growing. Mass demonstrations, weeks of action, boycott actions, conferences, community based events, film screenings, information stalls and direct actions are planned.

So far, movements and campaigns from the following countries have endorsed the call to action and mobilization for the week against the Apartheid Wall:

· Australia
· Austria
· Basque Country
· Brazil
· Canada
· Canary Islands
· Chile
· Denmark
· Egypt
· France
· Germany
· Iceland
· Italy
· Jordan
· Netherlands
· Portugal
· Senegal
· Spain
· Sweden
· Switzerland
· UK
· Uruguay
· US