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Occupation End Notes | December 8, 2006
Volume 4 Number 5

In this issue...

1. US Campaign Update US Campaign Participates in UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People; Action Alert on Pres. Jimmy Carter’s New Book; 2007 Palestinian Art Calendars

2. Legislative Update: US Campaign Calls for Veto of Palestinian Sanctions Bill; US Campaign Launches 109th Congressional Report Card!

3. Legal Update: Moshe Ya'alon Flees New Zealand

4. Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: Dutch banks divest from Israel

5.Membership Update: TheCoalition for Justice and Accountability’s December 8th Protest in Washington, DC; Christian Peacemaker Teams Job Announcement; UFPJ’s “Bring the Mandate for Peace to WashingtonDC” March; The Jerusalem Fund Job Announcement; Florida Palestine Solidarity Network updates its resource page

6. Resources & Education: Amy Goodman interviews Jimmy Carter; Bill Fletcher Jr on the Apartheid Wall; Mohammed Omer direct from Gaza; Howard County Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation: Prospects for Human Rights in Palestine; MPAC Conference; The Ground Truth by MASS MoCA; Palestine Freedom Project Intern Announcement; Zatoun’s Olive Oil ready for deliveries; Michael Brown on Jimmy Carter’s book; National Brand Index survey ranks Israel as lowest

7. Opportunities to Visit Israel and Palestine: Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace-International Delegations; Interfaith Peace-Builders Delegations; Zajel International Volunteer Work camp; Volunteer in Tel Rumeida


* US Campaign Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator Josh Ruebner gave a speech to the UN General Assembly’s Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on November 29.

You can view a video recording of the speech by clicking here.You’ll need Real Player to view the video.Ruebner’s speech begins at approximately 1:35 into the clip.You can also read a summary of the speech by clicking here.

* The US Campaign issued an action alert and press advisory coinciding with the publication of former President Jimmy Carter’s new book entitled “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”.

Click here for ideas on how you can use Carter’s new book to raise awareness in the United States of Israel’s apartheid policies toward Palestinians.

 * The US Campaign has beautiful 2007 Palestinian art calendars in stock produced by Resistance Art.The calendars can be purchased from the US Campaign for $20, which includes shipping and handling.Click here to order.Makes a great holiday gift!Order by December 18th for delivery before Christmas.


* The US Campaign is calling upon President Bush to veto S.2370, the “Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act”, which passed the House of Representatives yesterday by Voice Vote.The vote clears the way for this draconian sanctions bill to be signed into law.Click here for an action alert to tell the President to veto this bill. Act now!

* The US Campaign is pleased to announce the launch of its on-line version of the 109th Congressional Report Card.

PLEASE NOTE that due to IRS regulations on advocacy, only members of the US Campaign should access the Congressional Report Card. Members are defined as groups or individuals who contribute more than a nominal amount of time or money to the US Campaign. If you fit this definition, then you can access the password-protected Congressional Report Card by clicking here and entering "report" for the user name and "card" for the password.

The report card scores Senators on 10 pieces of key legislation (3 positive, 7 negative). Representatives are scored on 14 pieces of key legislation (3 positive, 11 negative). Click here to access the guide to legislation and scoring.

Among the key pieces of legislation scored are the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act, the UNRWA Integrity Act, resolutions dealing with the Palestinian Authority presidential and legislative elections, the status of Jerusalem and refugees, and much more.

The report card also features a Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame for both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Leading the House Hall of Fame is Rep. Jim McDermott-D (WA-7) with a score of +9. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen-R (FL-18) headed the House Hall of Shame with a whopping score of -18. In the Senate, several Senators (Robert Byrd-D (WV), Lincoln Chafee-R (RI), Patrick Leahy-D (VT), Carl Levin-D (MI), and John Sununu-R (NH)) tied for top honors in the Hall of Fame with a score of +1. Senators Sam Brownback-R (KS), Rick Santorum-R (PA), and Gordon Smith-R (OR) tied for top billing in the Hall of Shame with a score of -9.

The US Campaign would like to thank Paul Costic, Advocacy Intern, for doing a phenomenal job producing the 109th Congressional Report Card.


Former Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lieutenant General (res.) Moshe Ya'alon left New Zealand this week in the wake of a warrant issued for his arrest for suspected war crimes.

The warrant names Ya'alon for ordering an Israel Air Force attack on the home of senior Hamas official Salah Shehada in the Gaza Strip in 2002. The attack killed Shehada and 14 civilians, including eight children.

Read more about this incident by clicking here:



Read more about the attempt to hold Israel accountable by clicking here:



 * Dutch bank divests holdings in J'lem light rail, cites settlements(http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/795387.html)

A Dutch bank has decided to divest itself of its holdings in a French company that is participating in building Jerusalem's light rail system, on the grounds that the project "is not in line with the United Nation's demand to stop all support for Israel's settlement activities."


* December 8th, 2006: The Coalition for Justice and Accountability: Protest Israeli Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s Racism and Support for Ethnic Cleansing.

Join the protest Friday December 8th from 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM at 1775 Massachusetts Ave, Washington, DC organized by the Coalition for Justice and Accountability.

For more information, please click here or email justice_accountability@yahoo.com or call 888-810-6202

* Christian Peacemaker Teams’ Job Announcement for Palestine Team Support Coordinator

CPT has a three-quarter-time opening for a Palestine Project Support Coordinator to serve its teams in Hebron and At-Tuwani. The Project Support Coordinator also serves as a member of the CPT Support Team, and is accountable to the Co-Director.

Expressions of interest, and nominations of suitable persons, are invited immediately, and will be accepted up until December 20, 2006. The search will be extended and broadened if a candidate with the required qualifications is not found. Should this happen, the position may be filled on an interim basis.

Interested persons should contact Doug Pritchard at guest.242987@MennoLink.orgor phone 416-423-5525.

* January 27th, 2007: UFPJ’s Bring the Mandate for Peace to WashingtonDC Rally and March

Join United for Peace and Justice and the US Campaign in a massive march on Washington, D.C., on Saturday, January 27, to call on Congress to take immediate action to end the war.

On Mon., January 29, we'll take our message directly to individual members of the Congress during our Congressional Education Day.

Click here to see what you can do to make this a success!

* The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development, a 501(c)(3)-registered private non-profit organization based in Washington, DC, announces a position available as Program Assistant. The Program Assistant serves as an assistant to the Executive Director, the Assistant Director and Cultural Coordinator, the Publications Manager and the Accounts Associate. The assistant handles administrative and program support tasks related to the smooth and efficient functioning of the office and events on a day-to-day basis. For a full job description and instructions on how to apply, please visit our website at: http://www.thejerusalemfund.org/staff.php or email your cover letter and résumé to Jessica Wright, Assistant Director, at (jrwright@thejerusalemfund.org) or mail to:The Jerusalem Fund, Attn: Jessica Wright, 2425 Virginia Avenue NW, Washington, DC20037.

* The Florida Palestine Solidarity Network, a member organization of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, continues to update its Resources page. Visit the page at the FPSN homepage: http://www.flpalsolidarity.com.

The extensive collection of more than 100 resources features downloadable fliers and booklets, maps, reports, news articles and films. Resources are divided into 26 subject areas, including General History, Divestment, FAQs & Myths, and U.S. Foreign Policy & the Israel Lobby.


* November 30th, 2006: Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman Interviews Jimmy Carter In His Own Words

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is accusing Israel of creating an apartheid system in the West Bank and Gaza. The charge comes in his new book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid." We play an address by Carter talking about the Palestine-Israel conflict, the role of the United States and much more. Carter says, "Palestinians are deprived of basic human rights, their land has been occupied, then confiscated, then colonized by the Israeli settlers." [includes rush transcript]. Read or listen to the interview by clicking here (http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=06/11/30/1452225)

* December 3rd, 2006: William Fletcher: “Israel is a Rabid State!”

By William Hughes | Baltimore IMC

Israel and the Apartheid-era South Africa regime have a lot in common, said William Fletcher. They are both “settler states,” who created myths that God had given them “the land,” and that the land “was unoccupied upon arrival.” They also both portrayed themselves as “victims” and their aggressions as a “defensive act.” Fletcher said: “Israel is a rabid state,” which is capable of a maniacal act, like “unleashing a nuclear weapon."

* December 11th, 2006:Rafah Today: Mohammed Omer Direct from Gaza

Mohammed Omer, 22, was born and raised in Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip. His writings and photographs of life in Gaza have appeared in dozens of newspapers and magazines worldwide including the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, BBC, and Agence France-Presse.
Please join us for an important update on life under occupation in Gaza with Mohammed Omer.
Monday, 7:30pm
The Women's Building, Audre Lorde Room

3543 18th Street
San Francisco, CA
Contact: MECA; events@mecaforpeace.org; 510-548-0542
Mohammed's tour is sponsored by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. Event sponsored by the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of San Francisco (ADC-SF) and the Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA)http://www.mecaforpeace.org

* December 13th, 2006: Howard County Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation: Prospects for Human Rights in Palestine

In honor of International Human Rights Day, Steven L. Strauss will discuss the roots of injustice in Palestine/Israel, the dynamics of the current conflicts, the problems created by Zionism for both Jews and Palestinians, and the social forces that could lead to a way out of the apparently endless fighting.
Wednesday, 7 p.m.
HowardCountyCentral Library
10375 Little Patuxent ParkwayColumbiaMaryland21044

Columbia, Maryland
Contact: Joanne Heisel; joanne_kh@comcast.net

* December 16th, 2006: The Muslim Public Affairs Council will hold its sixth annual convention in Long Beach, CA, to address the subject of "Reform, Relevance and Renewal: Understanding Islam for the Future."

The day-long event, which expects to draw over 2,000 attendees, will feature prominent speakers including the Grand Mufti of Bosnia, Mustafa Ceric,and internationally acclaimed journalistRobert Fisk, author of “The Great War for Civilization: The Conquest of the Middle East” (2005).

For program details and to purchase your ticket online today for MPAC's 6th Annual Convention, go to www.mpac.orgor call (213) 383-3443

* The Palestine Freedom Project is seeking interns, for academic credit or stipend, for Spring 2007.Interns will join existing volunteers in conducting critical research, developing resources, and expanding PFP's international activist network.These positions offer significant opportunities for personal and professional development as interns gain hands-on grassroots organizing experience.For more information on internships with PFP, visit www.pfproject.org/intern.html.

* "Democrats Ignore Subjugation of Palestinians in Vilifying Carter’s Book" By Michael F. Brown

President Jimmy Carter’s courageous new book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, is due on bookstore shelves November 14, 2006. In it, Carter reportedly states, “Israel’s continued control and colonization of Palestinian land have been the primary obstacles to a comprehensive peace agreement.” As a result of such excerpts – and the title itself – Democrats in the U.S. Congress made significant efforts in October to distance themselves from their former leader who nevertheless maintains his standing as the conscience of the party. Several have publicly lambasted him and in doing so shown a profound disregard for basic facts pertaining to Israel’s subjugation of millions of Palestinians.

* National Brand Index: "Israel is ranked last by every country, including the Americans" - Pariah state vulnerable to boycott campaigns

The Nation Brand Index surveys a regular list of 35 nations, with Israel added to the list for the first time for this survey and analysis.Israel came in at the bottom of the ranking in almost every question.
Get the original report, a must-read for all supporters of Palestine: go to http://www.nationbrandindex.com and download NBI Q3 2006 Report.See such gems as:

Israel’s government recently announced it would undertake a branding campaign

*The most negative brand ever measured by NBI

*Comes in at the bottom of the ranking on almost every question

*Israel is ranked last by every (country) panel, including the Americans…on how willing people are to live and work there

For a fuller analysis of the implications of Israel’s pariah status for successful boycott campaigns, mail secretary@scottishpsc.org.uk

For solidarity updates www.scottishpsc.org.uk


* December 27th, 2006-January 7th, 2007: Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

The Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace-International (FFIPP-I) runs fabulous trips every 6 months which
are organized by Israeli leftists who teach in the United States and have close ties to many people in the Palestinian communities of the West Bank as well as Gaza and the Israeli left, middle and right. For more information, contact FFIPP directly by phone (413-253-0676) or by email (ffippusa@comcast.net )

*Spring – Fall 2007 Schedule: March 17th -31st; May 26th-June 9th; July 28th-August 11th; November 3rd-17th: Interfaith Peace-Builders Delegations to Israel/Palestine

Interfaith Peace-Builders (IFPB) sends delegations to Israel and Palestine so that US citizens can see the conflict with their own eyes. Participants have the opportunity to learn directly from Israeli and Palestinian nonviolent peace/human-rights activists, to spend time in Palestinian and Israeli homes, and to experience the situation of Palestinians living under military occupation. For more information, contact the IFPB office directly by phone (202-244-0821) or email (middleeast@forusa.org )

* June 2nd – 20th, 2007: Zajel International Voluntary Work Camp

An-NajahNationalUniversity is pleased to invite youth and adults up to 35, to take part in the “Step in the right direction” summer work camp. This project has been designed to provide international students and professionals the opportunity to meet and discuss the Middle East conflict, share ideas, enhance practical skills, foster relationships, and give assistance to members of the Palestinian community.

The international summer work camp, “Step in the right direction”, will bring together 25 young people from around the world who are interested in helping create a better world. We are specifically targeting people who are working with organizations led by young people that address humanitarian issues and social justice. We strongly encourage highly motivated and serious young men and women to apply.

For more information, please click here (http://youth.zajel.org/summer_camps/camp2007/announcing.htm)

*Volunteer in Tel Rumeida!

Tel Rumeida Project is an organization solely for work purposes (i.e. it is not an organization for its own sake.) Therefore, volunteers are expected to be able to function well with instruction and independently. Volunteers will be working in the neighborhood of Tel Rumeida, Hebron, keeping a presence on the streets to prevent against settler attacks and soldier/police harassment of the Palestinian residents who live in the neighborhood. For more information, please seehttp://www.telrumeidaproject.org/Volunteer.html

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The US Campaign aims to change U.S. policies that sustain Israel's 39-year occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, and that deny equal rights for all.

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