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Grassroots Training Institute (GTI)

The US Campaign held a grassroots training institute (GTI) on Sunday, July 27, morning and afternoon to build the skills-set of activists and provide them with trainings to become more effective advocates in their communities.

Click below to check-out the presentations that were given. (Please note that not all the materials have been uploaded. We expect to have all of them updated soon)

Break-downs of the Grassroots Training Institute (GTI):

    • Interfaith Divestment Strategies: Trainer: Susanne Hoder, Interfaith Peace Initiative and United Methodist New England Annual (regional) Conference Task Force on Selective Divestment
    • Media 101: Trainers: Omar Baddar, ADC Massachusetts and Michael Brown, Interfaith Peace-Builders
    • Fundraising 101: Trainer: Diane Ford Jones, Steering Committee Member, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
    • Organizing 101: Trainer: Hany Khalil, War Times, Steering Committee Member and former Organizing Coordinator, United for Peace and Justice
    • Graphic Design 101 How can an organization use print and interactive design to build identity, communicate a message, and motivate action?: Trainer: Martha Reese, Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine
    • How to organize a BDS Campaign on Campus: Trainer: William Youmans