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We’ve Been to the DNC & RNC; Now It’s Your Turn to Bird-Dog the Candidates

September 10th, 2008


It's time for us to get our issues in
front of the candidates.

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We’ve been to Denver for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and St. Paul for the Republican National Convention (RNC) to protest, distribute information, get in the media, and talk to delegates and candidates about our issues.

Now it’s your turn. Between now and Election Day, November 4, candidates for public office will attend thousands of town hall meetings, debates, and community events, and shake hands with and kiss the babies of millions of voters.

These are all perfect opportunities for you to bird-dog the candidates and influence the terms of the debate over our country’s policy toward Palestine/Israel.

What is bird-dogging? Our friends at Public Citizen define it as follows:

bird-dog (bûrd'-dôg), v. To follow, monitor and/or seek out a subject of interest, such as a public official, with persistent attention to get answers to questions or influence the subject.

Why bird-dog? Here are a few good reasons:

1) Bird-dogs get their issues in front of candidates for office and have an opportunity to educate them and influence their positions

2) Bird-dogs help set the terms of debate during the campaign season—if we’re not going to press candidates to cut off military aid to Israel, then who will?

3) Bird-dogs educate fellow voters and through their actions find like-minded citizens with whom to organize in the future

4) Bird-dogs get their questions and concerns covered in the media, thereby reaching a broader audience

Sign up today to be a bird-dog and commit to attending at least one campaign event between now and November 4 and we’ll send you a bird-dogging kit, including:

* postcards, petitions, and fact-sheets challenging military aid to Israel
* a set of placards for use at campaign rallies
* tip-sheets, a bird-dogging “cookbook” for training members of your group, and sample candidate questions

Don’t forget to sign up today to get your bird-dogging kit by clicking here.

We’ve also put all of our bird-dogging resources on-line so that you can download them for use at any time.

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation— Bird-Dogging Resources

* Fact sheets, postcards, and petitions to challenge military aid to Israel can be downloaded by clicking here.

* Placards for use at campaign rallies and events can be downloaded below by clicking on the titles below:

The World Says NO! to Israeli Occupation

End U.S. Support for Israeli Occupation

Justice for Palestinians

A Just Peace for Palestinians and Israelis

* Our fact-sheet “Tips for Bird-Dogs” can be downloaded by clicking here.

* Train members of your organization on how to bird-dog with this useful training guide put together by our friends at United for Peace and Justice. The “Bird-Dogging Trainer’s Cookbook” can be downloaded by clicking here.

* Sample questions for candidates can be downloaded by clicking here.

* Find out how your Members of Congress have voted on legislation related to Israel/Palestine. An updated version of the 110th Congressional Report Card can be downloaded by clicking here.

* As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation cannot express any opinions about the candidates, their positions or those of their parties. But we can do a lot of non-partisan work to educate and raise awareness about our issues during the electoral campaign season. Make sure you know what non-profits can and cannot due regarding the elections by reading this useful guide developed by our friends at Alliance for Justice. Their “Permissible Election Activities Checklist” can be downloaded by clicking here.

Don’t forget to sign up today and become a bird-dog by clicking here.

All of the non-partisan educational work we’re doing this election season requires money. If you appreciate the work we’re doing, whether or not you sign up to become a bird-dog, please consider making a generous tax-deductible contribution today to the US Campaign by clicking on the icon below: