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Requirements for Hosting Fall 2009 Campus Tour

We're sorry the period for applying to host the tour has passed, please check back to see which cities were selected as tour stops.


Applicants to host the US Campaign's Fall 2009 campus organizing tour must meet the following criteria:

  • A plan for coalition building.  Boycott/divestment campaigns can be a struggle they are most likely to succeed when there are several groups supporting the campaign, including diverse student groups, faculty, alumni and the larger community.
  • Ability to reserve facilities for tour events.  Tour events may be different at different campuses - we want to tailor our visit to your needs - but minimally we will need you to be able to reserve rooms for workshops.  If your campus groups gets rooms for free that's great, if your school requires payment for using rooms the hosts (you) are responsible for these payments.
  • A commitment to seeing a boycott/divestment campaign through.  Divestment campaigns take two years on average to bear fruit - we commit to supporting you in the long haul, but you need to have a long-term vision as well.
  • Willingness to engage in leadership development We are going to invest significant resources in supporting these campaigns and can't afford to see them die after seniors graduate.  We will work with you on mentoring and leadership development with underclassmen.

Favorable Factors
The following criteria are not required, but groups who can demonstrate that they can meet them will be at an advantage in the selection process:

  • A city with multiple campuses.  Because of the logistical constraints in implementing a tour like this, we are only able to visit five cities.  We will make every effort to work with groups from different campuses in the same city to maximize the effects of this tour.  Not only are cities with multiple campuses cost efficient in terms of the actual tour, but having allies working on BDS at different campuses will be an important part of student support systems after the tour.
  • A city that already has BDS campaigns started.  This tour will both spark and strengthen BDS campaigns - if you already have a BDS campaign on your campus it will positively impact your chances of hosting the tour.  If you don't already have a BDS campaign going it won't disqualify you from hosting a tour stop.  Building relationships with US Campaign member groups and others with ongoing BDS campaigns in your community will help campus campaigns thrive.  Working with these groups will provide continuity and institutional memory as upperclassmen graduate, mentorship for student activists, and additional resources when times are tough.