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Bring the US Campaign to Your Area!

March 24th, 2009

The US Campaign is now accepting applications for our fall 2009 national campus organizing tour The goal of this tour is to build sustainable boycott & divestment campaigns on campuses in five cities across the country.

The relationship between the US Campaign and boycott & divestment campaigns in the five selected city will be much more than just three days of workshops & events - it will include a commitment from all parties to work together to build local, regional, and national networks for organizers working on boycott & divestment.  Click here to read more about the vision and expectations for this tour.  Click here to see the selection criteria for tour hosts. Click here to submit an application to host a tour stop.

Student groups, faculty members, and community groups working on campuses are all invited to apply to host this tour.  One goal for this tour is to build local coalitions that include students, faculty, alumni & community members - so start building your coalition now and apply together or as individual groups.

If you can't commit to hosting a leg of this tour
you can still help!

Click here to sign up as a local organizer for our Hang Up On Motorola boycott and get started holding this war profiteering company accountable today.  You can also click here to make a tax-deductible donation supporting the tour and our other efforts at building the US boycott & divestment movement.

The movement for boycott & divestment as a too of nonviolent resistance to the Israeli military occupation has come a long way since the US Campaign was founded seven years ago and we're proud to say that we've played a role in this growth.  Now, after Hampshire College's successful divestment, we are proud to be working with the students from Hampshire SJP to bring the necessary speakers and workshops to campus communities across the country.  A comprehensive organizing effort like this may have been just a dream seven years ago, but your support has made it a reality today.  Continue supporting our boycott & divestment work by making a contribution in support of our fall 2009 tour today!