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Tell Moto Management "War Profits Equal Lost Profits"

Last week we asked you to help us send 2000 emails to Motorola's CEO and VP of Investor Relations.  You responded, and now we're only 30 emails away from our goal!

After a year of the Hang Up On Motorola boycott campaign, Motorola's management still doesn't understand that they are responsible for their products systematically being used to violate Palestinian rights.  While it can take a while to get through to executives, ordinary people are more receptive, and our campaign has been gaining traction in the media, with investors, and consumers.  Help us get the message through to Motorola's management.  Click here to send them an email.

Last year, our shareholding allies won 12% approval for their human rights resolution at the Motorola shareholders' meeting.  This year, a group of US Campaign supporters will be educating shareholders about this important resolution and hope to increase support to 20% of all Moto shareholders.  Click here to read the resolution that would require Motorola to respect human rights and international law, including the laws that prohibit Israeli settlements and the building of the apartheid wall on Palestinian land.

Even if you can't be with us at the shareholders' meeting in Chicago, you can still join the pressure campaign by clicking here to send an email to Motorola's CEO and VP of Investor Relations, demanding they take action to end Motorola's support for Israel's violations of international law and Palestinian human rights.  Emails, in-person protests, and consumer pressure are all critical components of our Hang Up On Motorola campaign.

Help us smash our goal of 2000 emails to Motorola executives by the time the shareholder meeting begins (4pm central time today).  Your message will still send an important signal about corporate social responsibility, even if it gets to Motorola's management team after the shareholders' meeting, so please don't hesitate to take action!

If you are in the Chicago area please join us outside the Motorola shareholders' meeting at the Rosemont Theater.  Chicagoans and Hang Up On Motorola supporters from as far away as Madison, WI and Ann Arbor, MI will be rallying outside of the Rosemont Theater.  Click here to RSVP and get more details about when and where we're meeting this evening.  There will also be solidarity demonstrations in New York City.  Click here to join our New York supporters as they leaflet at five Motorola retailers around the city.

Consumer and media support for Hang Up On Motorola is growing by the day.  Click here to read an article about the campaign, published in the Arab American NewsThere are over 300 people around the country already organizing Hang Up On Motorola in their communities; join them by signing up for a campaign kit.  Click here to get your Hang Up On Motorola campaign kit, which includes petitions, fact sheets, advice on talking to retailers about the boycott and everything else that you'll need to launch your own local campaign.

Between printing, shipping, advertising, staff time, and other essentials the US Campaign has spent over $1500 organizing around Motorola's shareholders' meeting.  Over the past year, divestment at Hampshire College, embarrassment over involvement in "Operation Cast Lead," boycott by Radian Records in NYC, and other activities associated with our campaign have cost Motorola much more than $1500.  While our organizing has proven to be incredibly cost effective, our continued work pressuring Motorola and other occupation profiteers depends on membership dues and individual tax-deductible donations.  Help us cover the costs of our Motorola campaign by clicking here to make a tax-deductible contribution today.  Make a $30 or greater contribution and we'll send you a print of "Parachutes Falling," the winning entry from our Expressions of Nakba art competition.  Make a $50 or greater contribution and we'll send you a DVD of the award-winning documentary, Occupation 101.  For contributions of $100 or more, we'll send you both gifts.