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Write an Op-Ed About Caterpillar's Crimes in Palestine

One of the most powerful ways to pressure Caterpillar is through the media.  The media needs to debate why what sort of standards we're holding Cat accountable to, especially now that Greg Owens, Cat's CEO, has been appointed to President Obama's Economic Advisory Board .

If Caterpillar is, as President Obama suggests, a microcosm of the US Economy then it is crucial to ask "do we want our economic growth to be built on the destruction of other societies?"

  1. Learn more about what media outlets are looking for in op-eds by reading our fact sheet on the topic and some sample op-eds that we've collected.  Click here to view these materials in PDF.  Our fact sheet offers general guidelines, but you should be sure to read the specific requirements for the papers that you're submitting to.  Op-ed requirements are often listed in small print somewhere on the op-ed page of the paper.  It is also often a good idea to tie the Stop Caterkiller campaign into a local angle.  Is there a Cat office nearby?  Will there be a local protest on June 10th?  This sort information should be included in your op-ed.
  2. Use our talking points on Caterpillar's involvement in violations of international law in Israel/Palestine to craft your op-ed.   Click here to download our talking points in PDF.
  3. Send your op-ed to local media outlets.  You should send your op-ed to the editorial department, the address (electronic and physical) should be found on both the newspaper's website and on their physical op-ed page.
  4. Keep us updated.  Let us know if your piece gets published and please send us a link by clicking here.