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Join us in Israel/Palestine this summer!

This July-August, the US Campaign will be co-sponsoring its second delegation to Palestine/Israel with Interfaith Peace Builders.  These delegations are a crucial part of the peace-building process, as they provide people new to the issue with a broad overview of the issues involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and challenge seasoned activists with nuanced examples of life for occupied people and an occupying society.  This delegation will focus on the role of the United States in the occupation and ongoing violence in the region.  Click here to apply to join the delegation.

Interfaith Peace Builders delegations are distinguished by diversity.  Spending approximately 40% of our time within Israel proper and 60% of our time in the occupied Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem, we will meet people from all walks of life.  We will spend time learning from peace activists, meeting with leaders from Palestinian communities and Israeli settlements, touring Christian, Muslim and Jewish religious sites, and much more.  Click here for more information about who Interfaith Peace Builders delegations have met with in the past.

Read more about our plans for the upcoming delegation here or apply to be a delegate here.  Limited financial aid is available for those with demonstrable need.  Please click here to learn more about financial aid for delegates.