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Make the Wall Fall!

Organize for November 9—International Day of Action Against Israel's Apartheid Wall
June 18th, 2003

APPEAL from the Palestinian Environmental NGO Network (PENGON) and Palestine Monitor: Make the wall fall! Let's make the 9th of November the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians against the Separation Wall. On November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall - which has become the symbol of shame of the politics of division of the 20th century - was torn down. Now, a new wall must fall! Let's make the coming 9th of November a worldwide protest day against the new "Berlin" Wall currently being erected by Israel across the West Bank. Such construction, now commonly known as Separation Wall or Apartheid Wall has become Israel's new stranglehold of Palestine and the latest assault by the occupation: land confiscation, water confiscation, destruction of lives and livelihoods of Palestinians, all in a new drive to expand truly colonialist measures under the usual pretenses in order to achieve long-standing goals in a frightening similar fashion of 1948's events. PENGON urges you to participate in this effort by organizing pickets, demonstrations, lectures, and related activities to raise awareness in your community about the impact and meaning of this new wall. Groups are encouraged to make replicas of the wall for the demonstrations. For more information contact: The Palestine Monitor +972 (0)59 254 218 or +972 (0)59 387 087 ************ The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation will be posting resources on this website to aid local groups taking participating in this international day of action. Resources such as sample press releases, flyers, and ideas on how to build replicas of the wall will be posted on this website shortly.