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A Message From Palestine/Israel

What I Learned on My Summer "Vacation"...

Last Friday, I and 22 others returned from the second US Campaign-Interfaith Peace-Builders delegation to Palestine/Israel.  As I was warned before I left, this was a life-changing experience.  Our meetings with Israelis and Palestinians inspired, frustrated, and ultimately reaffirmed my resolve for the work that we do at the US Campaign.

Repeatedly, fathers who feared for their children's futures and activists beleaguered by apartheid policies beseeched me to return to my own country and work for boycott, divestment, and sanctions as well as an end to U.S. military aid to Israel.  After being allowed into the lives of my Palestinian and Israeli counterparts, I am asking you to help me fulfill my promises to these beautiful people.  Please click here to help the US Campaign to continue the work called for by our Israeli and Palestinian counterparts.

US Campaign/IFPB Delegation with bedouin family near Karmiel, IsraelOne of the life-changing aspects of this delegation, for me, was my new understanding of the word sumud or
"steadfastness," often used by Palestinians struggling with apartheid, occupation, and exile.  Spending the night with a family in the village of Bi'lin and meeting with a peace group in Sderot, I experienced the daily struggles of people to bring normalcy to their children's lives in the face of violence and discrimination.  Palestinians' daily struggle for survivial in the face of occupation is sumud.  Making a financial contribution or signing up as a local organizer for a US Campaign program are two ways that you can help me support the sumud of our sisters and brothers in Israel/Palestine; another way is to bring their stories directly to your community.  If you would like to help me or one of my fellow delegates honor the openness of our Israeli and Palestinian hosts by organizing a speaking event in your community, please click here.  If you're inspired to share these experiences yourself, click here to find out more about upcoming Interfaith Peace-Builders delegations.

Spending the past two weeks with Palestinians and Israelis struggling for freedom from occupation and apartheid, it became quite clear that the role of peacemakers in the U.S. is to pressure Israel through ending U.S. military aid and withholding economic support for corporations profiting from occupation and apartheid.  One friend told us that "it is impossible to negotiate when your 'partner' has his boot on your neck."  Help the US Campaign lift this boot of occupation by removing the weight of U.S. military aid and corporate support.  Click here
to make a tax-deductible contribution to this critical cause today!

Peace & Power,

Katherine M. Fuchs
National Organizer
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation