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The Apartheid Wall: Spotlight on Bil'in

Welcome to Bilíin, a Palestinian village of about 1,800 people that has had 60% of its land stolen by Israelís apartheid wall. Bilíin is a lot like other Palestinian villages affected by the wall. Bilíinís land, effectively annexed by the wall, is used by two Israeli settlements, Kiryat Sefer and East Matitiyahu. The people of Bilíin are also like other Palestinians in their steadfast and creative commitment to nonviolent resistance to Israelís apartheid policies. Like other villages affected by the wall Bilíinís Popular Committee is part of the Stop the Wall coalition, which called for the international week of action against the apartheid wall.

The end of the international week of action against the apartheid wall coincides with the end of the Palestinian olive harvest. Like many Palestinian farmers, those in Bilíin were denied access to their trees by the Israeli military and the apartheid wall. At the beginning of the harvest season, the people of Bilíin focused their weekly protest on their inability to harvest. Israeli and international activists and the villagers collected the tear gas canisters that the Israeli military hurled at them instead of olives.

Help make next yearís olive harvest better than this one by replanting an olive tree in the West Bank! For every $25 tax-deductible donation, the US Campaign and Trees for Life will replant one olive tree in villages like Bilíin.

Every week, children like this girl, seen collecting tear gas canisters near her fatherís olive trees, are woken from their sleep by Israeli soldiers coming to arrest their family members who coordinate the villageís nonviolent resistance to the wall. This resistance doesnít only include creative protest, such as the tear gas harvest, but also lawsuits against the settlers and corporations stealing their land. Find out more about the villagers who make up Bilíinís Popular Committee and how you can support their actions here.