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Thursday, November 5th: Media Action Day to End the Siege of Gaza

It's easiest to get media attention when we are timely and coordinated - that's why the US Campaign and CodePink are coordinating a national day of media action to end the siege of Gaza on November 5th, the one year anniversary of Israel breaking the cease-fire in Gaza.  Use our talking points on the Gaza siege when you use the following strategies on your own or with your group.

Letters to the Editor
Click here for help writing and submitting letter to the editor. We have tips on drafting your letter, contact information for media outlets, and examples to inspire you.

Op Eds
Click here to view guidelines for writing a successful op-ed and read good examples of published op-eds.  Use these tips and our talking points to craft your own op-ed.

Pitching a Story
Publicize your event to end the siege of the Gaza Strip. Click here for ideas on getting media coverage for your event or action. Use our sample press release as a guide when writing your own.

Blog and Comment
Write your own blog post about the siege of Gaza n November 5th.  Use our talking points or stories about people going on the Gaza Freedom March as inspiration for your post.  If you don't have your own blog, you can still get involved!  Look for posts about the Gaza Strip and comment about activities to end the siege of Gaza, especially the Gaza Freedom March.

Follow Our Twitter Action
Click here to follow us on Twitter or here to be our fan on Facebook.  Every hour from 9am to 9pm we will post a new message about the siege of the Gaza Strip.  Look forward to facts, links to video, and updates about other actions around the world.  Join the action by retweeting to inform your followers about our day of action.