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Tell Congress to End the Siege of Gaza

Request a meeting
Use our meeting request template to meet with your Member of Congress.  Members of Congress are generally "home" in their districts Friday-Monday every week.  Try to get a meeting during this time with an actual Member of Congress, but take a meeting with a staffer if that's all you can get.  Congressional schedules fill up fast, so you should send this request four to six weeks ahead of when you plan to meet with your Member of Congress.  See our meeting request template by clicking here.

Tell us about your meeting
Register your meeting with the US Campaign by clicking here.  Once we know that you have set up a meeting we can help you find other folks in your area to join you.

General tips for meeting with Congress
Don't be intimidated by Congress, be prepared!  Use our Congressional meeting tip sheet to learn what to expect and prepare for a successful meeting.  Click here for our Congressional meeting tip sheet.

What to discuss
Use our talking points on H.Res.867 and Congressional asks to guide your meeting.  You should try to keep your main points to three or less, to maximize your impact.  We will be adding taking points to this section soon, so please check back.

Follow up
Use our congressional meeting feedback form to let us know how your meeting went.  By sharing your experiences with your member of Congress, you can help us track how their positions on our issues change from meeting to meeting.  Get our Congressional meeting feedback form by clicking here.