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Stop the Wall—Online Resources

THE ANTI-APARTHEID WALL CAMPAIGN The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign is a NGO and grassroots Palestinian movement to stop the Apartheid Wall. As the only nationally coordinated effort of its kind, the Campaign works to both support communities affected by the Wall in defending their land and livelihoods as well as to generate international attention and mobilization against the Wall. The Campaign is continually preparing materials including fact sheets, petitions, maps, and collecting photos for activist and media use in order to build momentum against the Wall and provides up-to-date information from communities on the Wall's latest devastations. All information, as well as international calls to action and ideas on how to support the Campaign in stopping the Wall, will be available on the Campaign site. PENGON The Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON) has been a prime mover behind the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign. Much of PENGON's work and resources have been poured into the www.stopthewall.org site mentioned above. However, until that site is launched, you can also reach the group directly at outreach@pengon.org or through their website where there are many "stop the wall" resources listed. PALESTINE REPORT The Palestine Report, which has been in print for over 12 years, is a project by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Center in order to inform English speakers of Palestinian daily-life under the Israeli Occupation. Writers from the Palestine Report have written a number of articles, and undertaken interviews, with those affected by and resisting the Wall. Resources can be found on their website. THE PALESTINE MONITOR The Palestine Monitor, established by the Palestinian Non-Governmental Network (PNGO), provides a space to disseminate updates regarding the Occupation and its affects on Palestine as well as a unified voice from Palestinian civil society. The Palestine Monitor has created a "Special Section" on their site for the Wall that can be found at www.palestinemonitor.org. B'TSELEM B'Tselem, the Israeli Center for Human Rights, has produced a number of publications on the Wall with specific attention given to Israel's violation of Palestinian human rights through the building of the Wall. The reports can be found on their website. They have also posted several other related resources including a high-resolution map and an aerial photograph of portions of the wall that is being built. GUSH SHALOM Gush Shalom, meaning the "Israeli Peace Bloc" from its Hebrew translation, works to influence Israeli opinion in regard to ending the Occupation through political campaigns and actions. Gush Shalom has created a Flash Presentation on the Wall in addition to articles and updates about the Wall. All are available on their website. INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT (ISM) The ISM has prepared an online slide show on the Apartheid wall which can be viewed at http://www.palsolidarity.org/pictures/flash/thewall.html. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S PEACE SERVICE (IWPS) The IWPS have posted a number of photos and other resources on their website at http://www.womenspeacepalestine.org/wall_photos.htm openDemocracy.net At openDemocracy.net, Eyal Weizman's article "Ariel Sharon and the Geometry of Occupation" sees Israel's "wall" across the West Bank as the latest architectural expression of a twenty-year old political strategy. This three-part series extends his "The Politics of Verticality". electronicintifada.net Read Meron Rappaport's "On Israel's Separation Fence" translated from the Hebrew from Yedioth Ahronoth, May 31, 2003. Mas’ha Peace Camp The Mas'ha Peace Camp have posted several images on the wall as well as a petition that you can sign at http://stopthewall.org.il. Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel have posted a report on their website at http://www.vtjp.org/background/Separation_Wall_Report.htm. Al Quds University Al-Quds University has posted a section on their website that deals with how the wall has impacted the activities of the university.
If you would like to have other resources listed here, please contact the website coordinator at webmaster@endtheoccupation.org.