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PowerPoint Presentations on Campus BDS

October 29th, 2009

Campus BDS Basics: Learn about different kinds of BDS campaigns that can work on campuses, including consumer boycott, pension divestment, and academic/cultural boycott.

Understanding and Accessing School Investments: This presentation walks students through the most common types of school investments and how to gain access to them.

Researching Corporations Involved in Israeli Occupation and Apartheid: This presentation talks about locating already-identified corporations involved in occupation and apartheid, and gives tips for doing your own research.

Dealing with Opposition: This presentation outlines strategic ideas for defending yourself against accusations commonly leveled against BDS campaigns.  It was prepared in conjunction with the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and also contains ideas about the role of Jews as allies to others in the movement for human rights and justice in Israel/Palestine.

Campaigning 101: This presentation explains some basic elements of strategic campaign planning.  It is based on the Midwest Academy's campaign strategy chart, which you can find here.

Media 101: This presentation goes through the basics of attracting and creating media.

*Note: All of the above are PDFs. To get the original PowerPoint presentation files, please contact organize@endtheoccupation.org.