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Take Action Against Settler Violence in Hebron

Stop Settlements!

Boycott and Divest from Settlement


As it becomes increasingly clear that our government isn’t going to take real action to stop Israel’s settlement projects in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, we must step up our individual actions to end these abominations. This November, there are several ways to take action against settlements, including organizing around the Hang Up On Motorola boycott, striking out the Hebron Fund at the Met’s Citi Field, and convening in Amherst, MA for a national campus boycott, divestment & sanctions (BDS) conference.

Become a local Hang Up On Motorola organizer

Tell the NY Mets to strike out the Hebron Fund

Hang Up On Motorola – Stop Settlement Expansion

Register for the national campus BDS conference

Motorola has long supported the Israeli military and settlement industries and currently provides surveillance systems and other forms of technical assistance to dozens of Israel’s illegal Jewish-only settlements, including those in Hebron. Motorola’s surveillance systems allow settlements to annex increasing amounts of Palestinian land. Join the Hang Up On Motorola boycott to bring more attention to this issue in your community. You can order a Hang Up On Motorola campaign kit, which includes all the resources you’ll need, by clicking here.

The settlement pictured above is in Hebron, Occupied West Bank. This settlement’s use of Motorola’s “virtual fence” prevents the Palestinian who owns the olive trees in the foreground from tending his crops.

We’re also making a special push to get our campaign and Motorola’s dirty profits into the media by commenting on technology and consumer blogs with posts about Motorola’s new ‘Droid’ Phone. Motorola’s cell phone division has been hemorrhaging money and they are pinning their hopes for profit on this one new product. Simply search the internet for “Moto Droid Launch” or similar keywords, and then leave a comment about Motorola’s involvement in Israel’s occupation. Use our talking points to guide your comment, click here to download them. Your blog comments will be even more effective if you include the following link to the Hang Up On Motorola boycott website: http://www.endtheoccupation.org/article.php?list=type&type=209. You can also get involved via Twitter. Click here to follow us on Twitter, then look for our tweet about Motorola and retweet it or send your own message to Motorola’s Twitter account.

Strike out the Hebron Fund – End Settler Violence in the city of “the Friend”
The Hebron Fund is an organization that provides direct support to some of Israel’s most violent settlers. Settlers supported by the Hebron Fund routinely terrorize Palestinians in their fields, on the streets and in their homes – some have even been convicted by Israeli courts of murdering Palestinians. You can learn more about settler violence in Hebron by visiting B’Tselem’s website here. Now the Hebron Fund is hoping to raise money to increase the settler population of Hebron at a dinner directly above the Jackie Robinson Rotunda in the Met’s Citi Field. We’re asking the New York Mets if Jackie Robinson would approve of a fundraiser for violent racists at his home field. Click here to send a letter to the Mets management asking them to boycott the Hebron Fund’s fundraiser.

National Campus BDS Conference – Nov. 20-22nd

When Hampshire College divested last February we knew it was the start of something big. Keep the momentum of the campus BDS movement growing by supporting or attending Hampshire Students for Justice in Palestine’s upcoming national BDS Conference. The conference will offer skill building workshops, strategy sessions and networking opportunities for students from around the U.S. to build their own BDS campaigns, click here to view the full conference agenda. Registration is on a sliding scale and some travel and lodging assistance is available, click here to register now. For more information, please consult Hampshire SJP’s website here.