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BDS Successes and Training Opportunities

BDS Successes and Training Opportunities
Feb. 4 2010

I'm happy to let you know about some recent victories for the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement.  The largest bank and pension fund in Denmark have both announced divestment from two of the occupation's worst corporate offenders, Africa-Israel and Elbit Systems.  Additionally Carleton University in Ottawa has recently launched a divestment campaign and students have launched an investigation into the University of Arizona's relationship to occupation profiteers.  We are also excited to announce several exciting training opportunities for BDS activists - a US Campaign organizing tour in the Southwest, workshops at the Campus Anti-War Network and Intercollegiate Peace Fellowship conferences, and a day of workshops in conjunction with the upcoming US Campaign - Interfaith Peace-Builders Grassroots Advocacy Training.  Please support our efforts to organize BDS campaigns by making a tax-deductible donation.

Carleton University students made the video above to explain their divestment campaign.

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Supporting boycott and divestment is one of the strongest statements you can make for human rights and international law in Palestine/Israel. 

Following Hampshire College's successful divestment campaign one year ago Howard Kohr, the Executive Director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), had the following to say about the BDS movement:

"[The campaign] is coming home right here to the United States. We see it already on our college campuses, America's elite institutions of higher learning, the places we've entrusted with the education of our children.

We need to recognize that this campaign is about more than mere rhetoric. This is the battle for the hearts and minds of the world...left unchallenged, allowed to go unchecked, it will work."

I hope that you agree that the BDS movement plays a critical role in changing U.S. discourse and policy regarding Israel's illegal occupation.  There are many ways to get involved in this growing movement.

Can you join us at one of our upcoming BDS training sessions?

We'll be in Harrisonberg (VA) Feb 19th Albuquerque (NM) Feb 22nd, Phoenix (AZ) Feb 24th, Tucson (AZ) Feb 25th, and Washington (DC) on March 6th.  Click here for more information about our Southwest organizing tour or here to register for the March 6th campus training in DC.  The March 6th DC BDS training is being offered in conjunction with the US Campaign - Interfaith Peace-Builders Grassroots Advocacy Training, which will offer trainings and lobbying on Capital Hill on March 7th and 8th.  Click here for more information about the Grassroots Advocacy Training, including the schedule and registration form.

Of course, none of the support that we provide for our grassroots activists would be possible without financial contributions from people like you.  Did you know that more than half of our total budget comes from individual contributions of $20-$500?  Click here to make a donation or look below to see how even a small contribution can go a long way to provide trainings, strategic support, and resources to our member groups and individual activists.





Pays for training materials for one student attending a BDS workshop

Provides organizing kits for six BDS activists working on our campaigns in their communities

Sends our National Organizer to present a BDS training for our member groups around the country

Gets us half way to our goal of a new BDS website

Thanks so much for your support of our BDS campaigns.  We hope to see you soon at an upcoming US Campaign training!

Donate $50 or more we'll show our appreciation by sending you a copy of the award winning film Occupation 101,