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For Immediate Release: March 10th, 2010

U.S. Must Follow Up Calls for Israeli Accountability with Concrete Steps

Washington, DC-- The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (US Campaign) welcomed today Vice President Joe Biden's statement "condemn[ing] the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem" and his promise that the United States will hold Israel "accountable for any statements or actions that inflame tensions or prejudice the outcome of talks."

According to Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director of the US Campaign, "It's about time that the Obama Administration is threatening to hold Israel accountable for obstructing U.S. policy goals to end illegal settlement expansion in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem and lift the illegal blockade of the Israeli-occupied Palestinian Gaza Strip."

"The Obama Administration must move from warnings to concrete steps to hold Israel accountable for its ongoing defiance of U.S. policy goals and international law," Ruebner added. "The most appropriate way of holding Israel accountable would be to cut off the $3 billion in military aid to Israel proposed by President Obama in his FY2011 budget request."

Last month, the US Campaign launched a new website- http://www.aidtoisrael.org -that documents how U.S. military aid to Israel is being misused to injure and kill Palestinian civilians and to commit human rights abuses and violations of international law through Israel's illegal 42-year military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip. The website also documents the budgetary trade-offs in terms of affordable housing, green jobs training, early reading education programs, and primary health care that could have been funded with this money instead.

The US Campaign is organizing a multi-year campaign to challenge continued military aid to Israel and call for the United States to hold Israel accountable for its misuse of U.S. military aid in violation of the Arms Export Control Act and Foreign Assistance Act.

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is a national coalition of more than 325 organizations working to change U.S. policy toward Israel/Palestine to support human rights, international law, and equality. For additional information, please see: