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Death and Taxes

April 7th, 2010

If the liberty-loving Benjamin Franklin were alive today, would he be opposed to U.S. military aid to Israel?  We think so.

Benjamin Franklin once quipped: "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

Unfortunately, in the case of U.S. military aid to Israel, the two are inextricably linked.

The United States has promised Israel $30 billion in weapons from 2009-2018.  During the Bush Administration, Israel killed more than 3,000 innocent Palestinian civilians, often with U.S. weapons in violation of the Arms Export Control Act.

Take Action on Tax Day, April 15

Not only does U.S. military aid to Israel make us as tax-payers directly complicit in Israel's human rights abuses of Palestinians; it also drains federal government resources away from unmet needs in our communities.  Do you know how much military aid to Israel your state, Congressional district, county, and city provide and what that money could be used for instead?  Find out on our new website http://www.aidtoisrael.org by clicking here.

On Tax Day, use the information on this website to organize a Tax Day event at your local post office to educate last-minute tax filers about how their tax dollars are being misused by Israel to commit human rights abuses against Palestinians.  If you are planning a Tax Day event, or if you would like to find an event near you, please add details or look up info for events on our-line calendar by clicking here.

Today, Wednesday, April 7, is the last day that you can order an organizing packet to challenge military aid to Israel and be sure of getting it in time for your Tax Day event (you can still order one after today, we just can't guarantee its arrival before April 15).  Get your free organizing packet with postcards to President Obama, petitions to Congress, fact sheets, flyers, and more by clicking here.

And, if you're in the Washington, DC area, be sure to join us tonight at our office at 7PM to help us plan our Tax Day event at Internal Revenue Service (IRS) headquarters.  To RSVP and get directions, please click here.  

Don't forget that you can also make a statement this Tax Day season that you don't want your taxes supporting Israeli occupation and apartheid.  Each individual tax-payer will be giving Israel an estimated average of $19.19 in military aid this year.  "Offset" your contribution towards military aid to Israel by making a tax-deductible contribution to the US Campaign to support our ongoing work to challenge military aid to Israel by clicking here.

For each $19.19 that you "offset", we'll gladly send you one of these stickers (to the left) for you to proudly display. For example, "offset" the tax contributions toward military aid to Israel for ten people, and we'll send you ten stickers. There's no limit to the amount of stickers we'll send you, so please make the most generous contribution you can right now by clicking here.

Finally, get more ideas for what you can do on Tax Day to challenge military aid to Israel by clicking here and don't forget to order your Tax Day organizing packet by clicking here.

Thanks for taking action!