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Help Us Build the Momentum from the One Nation Rally

We Are One Nation

Donate $19.19 to "offset" your taxes that go to aid to Israel and we'll send you a sheet of these stickers as our gift to you.
Last Saturday's One Nation rally on the National Mall, which drew an estimated 175,000 people, showcased the diversity and commitment of people working for justice and peace in our country.

We are proud to be an integral part of this exciting movement.

On Saturday, participants rallied "for a future of justice at home and peace abroad" and resonated strongly with our call to President Obama to end $30 billion of military aid to Israel and redirect that money to unmet needs in our communities.

The positive response we received is more evidence that our patient and long-term organizing efforts are striking a chord in our country.

Thanks to the efforts of
dozens of US Campaign volunteers--some who traveled from as far away as Alabama, Wisconsin, and Colorado to help--we distributed thousands of fliers, postcards, and stickers to rally participants, winning many new people to our cause.

Watch the video of the US Campaign at the One Nation rally, October 2, 2010.

See pictures of the US Campaign at the One Nation rally, October 2, 2010.

Rallies such as these are inspiring and energizing, but they represent the beginning--not the end--of the hard work that we need to do to reorient our country's economy away from warfare and military occupation and toward green jobs, health care, affordable housing, and education--to name a few.

You can join us in this crucial effort by
signing up today to organize in your community to educate people about the moral and financial costs of U.S. military aid to Israel and recruit them to join our movement.  

Join more than 2,000 volunteer organizers in 49 states and nearly 800 cities in building our national campaign to end military aid to Israel!

When you sign up,
we'll send you--free of charge--the same fliers and postcards that were so effective at the One Nation rally so that you can replicate our efforts in your community.

Of course, we couldn't continue to organize our campaign to end military aid to Israel without the
generous support of thousands of our supporters.

Please make your generous
tax-deductible donation of $19.19--the average amount that each individual taxpayer will give in military aid to Israel this year--to help us move forward our ongoing efforts.

For a limited time, when you
"offset" your taxes for military aid to Israel, we'll send you a sheet of the stickers pictured above, which we distributed at the One Nation rally, as our gift to you.

Your donation of $19.19 will enable us to send 4 organizing packets
to volunteers to help us end military aid to Israel.

Thank you so much for your commitment and energy!

In solidarity,

Josh Ruebner
National Advocacy Director
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation