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Gaza Civil Society Groups Need You to Take Action

January 4th, 2011

Israel bombs Gaza during Operation "Cast Lead"

Last week, on the second anniversary of "Operation Cast Lead" -- Israel's murderous 22-day assault on the 1.5 million besieged Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip --  dozens of Gaza-based Palestinian civil society organizations laid down a challenge for us in the international community.

In an open letter, these organizations asked: "When will the world's countries act according to the basic premise that people should be treated equally, regardless of their origin, ethnicity or color -- is it so far-fetched that a Palestinian child deserves the same human rights as any other human being? Will you be able to look back and say you stood on the right side of history or will you have sided with the oppressor?"

They wrote to people because governments -- especially our own -- have failed. Their message to us is clear: "Enough inaction, enough discussion, enough waiting -- the time is now to hold Israel to account for its ongoing crimes against us."

We agree, which is why we launched a nationwide petition to the Obama Administration, calling on it to exert real pressure on Israel to end its illegal siege of the Gaza Strip, and to stop preventing the United Nations from holding Israel accountable for what the Goldstone Report documented to be violations of human rights and international law, war crimes, and possible crimes against humanity committed before, during, and after "Cast Lead."

We set an ambitious goal of collecting 22,000 signatures in 22 days.  So far, we're little more than one quarter of the way. Please help us reach our goal by signing the petition right now, and then spreading the word.

After you sign, you'll have the opportunity to grow our advertising campaign on Google and Facebook, by making your tax-deductible contribution in any amount. Your support will go directly toward the cost of our ads, which will pull in the additional signatures we need to reach our goal and respond effectively to Gaza's civil society call to action.

Please join us now. Sign the petition, spread the word, and donate to our ad campaign.