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Download Conference Materials

Conference Report: A six-page summary of major events, learnings and election results that will impact our coalition's work for the coming year. Includes links to video footage and other documents.

Conference Agenda: A schedule of plenaries, workshops and more.

2011 Annual Report: A detailed 12-page report our standing on multiple fronts. Presented to the conference assembly by the US Campaign Steering Committee and staff.

2011 Annual Report - Slide Presentation

Lessons Learned From 10 Years of Work: A 12-page narrative, authored by members of the staff and Steering Committee, about the history of the US Campaign's growth from a concept inside a room, into a vibrant and powerful coalition of 380 groups nationwide.

Member Group Endorsement Proposals: Four unique proposals submitted by coalition member groups to the assembly for US Campaign endorsement. To see which proposals were approved by vote, please refer to the conference report above.

Complete conference packet: All of the above and more, given to attendees a the start of the conference.