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Coalition Expectations

Benefits of becoming a member group include:

  • Access to the large network of activists and groups in our coalition. All member groups are added to our regional and campaign specific listservs to help facilitate communication and collaboration between groups.
  • Media exposure. We regularly feature the work and events of our member groups in our emails and on our blog and promote groups through social media. All member groups have the right to submit actions, events, or news items to be highlighted. Just email membership@endtheoccuation.org! 
  • Urgent regional action alerts. We have been teaming up with member groups to send out urgent action alerts on their behalf. We’re eager to help spread your work and have more people respond to your actions!
  • By joining and paying membership dues, you have the right to submit Steering Committee nominations and vote at our National Organizers’ Conference, which in turn influences the direction of the US Campaign’s work and gives coalition members a voice in setting our priorities. 
  • Free resources, trainings, conference calls, and much more!

Expectations of becoming a member group include:

  • Distributing US Campaign action alerts, campaign initiatives, and news to membership base of group.
  • Contributing yearly membership dues to help the US Campaign provide resources. 
  • Designating one person to be the official liaison between the group and the US Campaign. 
  • Updating the US Campaign about the group's campaigns and efforts to fulfill the Campaign's mission and goals. 
  • Delegating member group representative to the US Campaign’s Congressional District Coordinator network and other campaign initiatives.
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