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Palestine at the United Nations

September 23rd, 2011

Take Action to Prevent U.S. Veto of Palestine UN Membership

Today Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to address the UN General Assembly, after which he is expected to submit an application to the Security Council for Palestine to become a full member of the UN.

The United States may exercise its threatened veto in the Security Council to prevent Palestine from becoming a full member of the UN in upcoming days, weeks, or months.

Although no one is sure of the timing of the Security Council vote at this point, one thing is quite clear:President Obama’s opposition to Palestine becoming a member of the UN is out of step with U.S. public opinion

Earlier this week, the Pew Research Center released a public opinion poll showing that a plurality of Americans favors the United States recognizing Palestine as an independent nation by an astonishing margin of 42 percent to 26 percent!

The poll shows clearly that most Americans do not want the President to stand in the way of this possible step toward eventual Palestinian freedom and self-determination.

As millions of our fellow citizens will be watching this issue closely over the next few days, please take action right now to help us galvanize this moment.

1. The Obama Administration launched yesterday “We the People,” a petition feature on its website.  Sign our petition today to tell the President not to veto Palestine’s UN membership application.  If we get more than 5,000 signatures within 30 days, we will receive an official response from the Administration.  Help us get there by signing today

Note: The White House has been experiencing technical difficulties today with its new petition feature.  If you are having trouble signing our petition on the White House website, please try again later.  Unfortunately we cannot resolve the issue since the problem is occurring on the White House's website.  Thanks for taking action!

Our airwaves and newspapers are dominated by coverage of Palestine’s UN membership bid. Get your voice into the debate by calling into local talk shows and writing letters to the editor in response to articles.  Use talking points for why the United States should not veto Palestine’s UN membership bid by
reading our FAQs.

Help us reach the plurality of Americans who are with us and get them to take action too.  Today, we are launching an online advertising campaign to get new people to take action to oppose a U.S. veto of Palestine’s UN membership bid.  Each of your tax-deductible donations of $100 will help us reach 50,000 people.

 4. Spread the word by posting this message to your friends via email, on your Facebook wall, or to your Twitter followers.


We need all hands on deck to send a strong message to the Obama Administration that it should not veto Palestine’s membership application in the United Nations.

For additional information on our position on this issue, please read our FAQs.  

Thank you for taking action. 

In solidarity,

Josh Ruebner
National Advocacy Director

PS: Watch Noura Erakat, Josh Ruebner, and Mouin Rabbani speak about Palestine's UN membership bid at Georgetown University, Sept. 21.