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Urgent: House to Vote on U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation

May 7th, 2012

Take Action: House Vote as Early as Tomorrow to Expand U.S.-Israeli Military Ties

Rep. Eric Cantor action promo graphicWe need you to take action right now to make your voice heard in opposition to a resolution that the House will vote on as early as tomorrow to strengthen the U.S.-Israel military relationship.

Sign this petition to Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the sponsor of the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, opposing this resolution. If we get 10,000 or more signatures on this petition by tomorrow, we’ll personally deliver it to Rep. Cantor before the vote.

After you sign, we’ll ask you to spread the word to your friends and also send you talking points to contact your Representative to urge him/her to vote no or abstain.  

The U.S.-Israel military relationship is already so close that it deeply implicates us in Israel’s illegal military occupation of Palestinian land and Israel’s apartheid policies toward the Palestinian people. The human rights violations of Palestinians that Israel commits on a daily basis are possible only because of the military aid and diplomatic support we already provide. 

In November 2011, Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs Andrew Shapiro told the pro-Israel Washington Institute for Near East Policy that “As a result of the Obama Administration’s commitment, our security relationship with Israel is broader, deeper and more intense than ever before.”

It’s true.  From record-breaking levels of military aid, to funding for joint anti-missile projects, to joint military exercises, the scope and depth of the U.S.-Israel military relationship has been unprecedented during the Obama Administration. 

This resolution would make the relationship even more intimate by urging the United States to provide Israel with refueling tankers that could be used to attack Iran, unspecified “specialized munitions,” greater access to U.S. forward-deployed weapons stockpiles and weapons from the U.S. war against Iraq, greater Israeli participation in NATO and much more.

We’re not under any illusions that the House won’t overwhelmingly pass this resolution. But, it’s important for us to make our voices heard. If we don’t tell our Members of Congress that the United States should be sanctioning Israel by ending U.S. military aid rather than enhancing U.S.-Israel military ties, then who will?  

We understand that changing our government’s policy of arming Israel to commit its human rights abuses of Palestinians is a long-term processthat requires a lot of educating and organizing.  

You can help educate and organize people in your community to end U.S. military aid to Israel by signing up for a free organizing packet. When you do, we’ll send you postcards, flyers, fact sheets, posters, stickers and more—everything you’ll need to educate and organize people to take action to change this policy.

Thanks for taking action and don’t forget to sign our petition to Rep. Cantor right now.


Josh Ruebner
National Advocacy Director