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WeDivest: Campaigning for BDS at the Local Community Level
WeDivest Coalition
This year a large indexing firm delisted CAT in part because of "controversy regarding the use of its bulldozers" in the West Bank. As a result, retirement giant TIAA-CREF social choice accounts divested 73 million dollars from CAT. How can we translate these campaigns to a campus or a local community?

Cultural and Academic Boycott of Israel
US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
The lives of rock stars and actors dominate major U.S. media, making cultural boycott a pertinent focal point for the BDS Movement in the United States. Combined with Israeli society’s high regard for academia, the work of promoting the cultural and academic boycott of Israel has immense, untapped potential.  By targeting well-known artists, activists can build accessible, engaging and fun campaigns to challenge Israeli apartheid. This workshop will include a presentation on relevant campaigns, an outline, and analysis of tactics and an open discussion to brainstorm future efforts.

YES YOU CAN! Use Billboards and Transit Ads to Educate About U.S. Military Aid to Israel
Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine and Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel
Hundreds of thousands of Americans are seeing advertising opposing the $30 billion in U.S. military aid promised to Israel over 10 years. Two grassroots activists- from Chicago and Albuquerque- will present their experiences in starting up a movement that has spread to other cities. Expertise and “do-it-yourself” resources will be shared.

Train the Trainer: The Art of Delivering Activist Skills Workshops
The Palestine Freedom Project
Many excellent workshops are regularly presented at Palestine solidarity events...but what *makes*a good skills training? Knowledge and preparation are important, but much of it really boils down to technique. Join novice and seasoned workshop presenters alike as we explore the best ways to spread vital skills throughout our communities.

Palestinian Rights and the United Nations
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions-USA
This discussion will explore advocacy within the United Nations system. ICAHD has been working closely with both the Economic and Social Council and Human Rights Council to expose the Occupation and call for its end. Please come prepared to brainstorm new ideas for what we can do together to maximize advocacy at the international level.

The Case for Joint Struggle- Palestine and Grassroots Movements in the United States
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
We will explore the relationship between confronting the US-Israel relationship and grassroots movements against war, political repression, mass incarceration and racism and for immigrant rights, economic justice, ecological preservation and indigenous sovereignty in the US. We will explore the role Israel plays in the international arms trade and its collaborative relationships with repressive regimes, racist States and their police and militaries around the globe. We will then look at examples and collectively brainstorm opportunities for joint struggle.

Putting the Occupation on Trial: Lessons Learned From a Local BDS Campaign
North Coast Coalition for Palestine
This workshop will focus on how a local group built an effective campaign against a large BDS target. You will hear about the mistakes and the successes of the North Coast Coalition for Palestine and learn some simple techniques that can be used for a local BDS campaign anywhere.

Expanding the U.S. SodaStream Campaign
Sacramento Area Peace Action and Jewish Voice for Peace- DC Metro
Focus on growing the boycott movement against SodaStream, which has been successful in Europe. The time is ripe for SodaStream due to the recently passed settlement boycott resolutions by the United Methodist and Presbyterian churches.  We will strategize on how to coordinate existing efforts and broaden the campaign in the U.S

Strategies and Resources for Campus Organizing
American Friends Service Committee
AFSC staff have years of experience working on college campuses developing programs, speakers and exhibits, building campaigns, and mentoring organizers.  Come share ideas, learn about successful efforts underway on college campuses, and join the movement for a just peace!

Countering the Israel Lobby
If Americans Knew
An AIPAC insider once said, "A lobby thrives in the dark." This workshop will help people turn on the light. It will give participants thorough information on the Israel Lobby and how it works, and will describe strategies for countering it in their home areas. Workshop participants will be invited to share the techniques they've used and discuss which were most effective and why.

BDS Campaigns: Powermapping and Lobbying
Jewish Voice for Peace
With every BDS campaign we get closer to winning the vote. Most notably, at the Presbyterian Church (USA) we were only two votes short of divestment. What have we learned from these experiences. What kind of strategies do we need to use to win the vote, not just the public debate?

Social Media for Palestine Activists: When Retweet is Not an Option
The Palestine Freedom Project
Many individuals and organizations already use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other applications for activism.  But how can we take our efforts to the next level? Participants will learn to integrate campaigns, build their audiences, measure their impact, address security issues, and avoid carpal tunnel.

The D in BDS: Divesting a US State from Israel
Minnesota Break the Bonds
Supporting BDS, Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign (MN BBC) works to divest $23.5 million of state union employees' pension funds from Israel Bonds. Our tactics: building grassroots power, educating community members and elected officials, drafting and promoting Israel Bond divestment legislation, and a lawsuit against the State Board of Investment for aiding and abetting Israel's crimes.

Legal Rights of BDS Activists
National Lawyers Guild
What every BDS activist needs to know about free speech rights on campus and in public places, how to avoid pitfalls without compromising the BDS message, how to anticipate and demolish the opposition’s arguments that boycott and divestment are illegal, and how to use legal weapons that will make BDS campaigns more effective and powerful.