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"Launching an international BDS campaign is a daunting task for any organization. But it would have been virtually impossible for a small, all-volunteer group in Vermont with little in the bank and no staff but for the support of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, of which we are a proud member

The US Campaign offered invaluable and timely assistance in our launch of a campaign to compel Ben & Jerry’s to stop selling, catering and distributing ice cream in Israeli settlements. Their organizers worked closely with us, often on tight deadlines, to hone and format our message and to integrate their website tools with ours to ensure that a broad and diverse audience of activists and concerned citizens received our materials, calls to action and updates. Each step of the way, the US Campaign made sure our priorities and needs were met. Their organizers were genuine partners, and helped put us in touch with other organizations and individuals who could contribute to our cause.  

The results were immediate and impressive, so much so that Ben & Jerry’s was compelled to retreat from its official statement that it could not meet with VTJP given our demands. In a matter of days after the campaign launched, thousands had signed our petition (set up by the US Campaign) to the company and many hundreds had e-mailed its CEO. Organizations in the U.S., Great Britain, Europe, Australia, Palestine/Israel endorsed our efforts. The US Campaign helped make our first Day of Action a success with activists in four locations across the U.S. joining us for a leafleting protest at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops on "Free Cone Day." 

VTJP has a long road ahead in its dealings with Ben & Jerry’s, but we have a solid foundation and allies because of the US Campaign’s organizing model, which is based on principles of mutual aid and solidarity. If you’re a tiny group like us, and don’t think you can contribute significantly to the BDS movement, think again. And the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation will do all it can to help you do it."-Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel

"The staff with the US Campaign has always been enthusiastic about supporting MN Break the Bond's work by offering us tools for global networking and media coverage. As a result of the US Campaign's membership network and the staff's national and international relationships, they were able to mobilize organizations 10 times more than we could have to support our work in a critical moment. Within 24 hours, their support enabled us to send a boycott letter to the MN Timberwolves with 112 organizational endorsements. In addition, their publicity increased our visibility by over 700%. Thank you US Campaign! You strengthen our work and continue to connect us with the larger Palestine solidarity movement in empowering ways." -Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign

"In August 2012, the Church of Reconciliation formed a coalition with other community groups in the Chapel Hill area, and joined the national ad campaign calling for building peace with justice and equality and ending US military aid to Israel. We purchased ad space in the entire fleet of Chapel Hill-Carrboro buses for one year, and posted the ads with great excitement. We encountered the usual charges of anti-Semitism and advocating the delegitimization of Israel, and even experienced the vandalism of our church property. We also faced censorship from the Town Council. The community response was generally positive and the ACLU came to our defense in keeping the ads posted on the buses.

Our main contact with the Campaign has been Josh Ruebner, and he has been a great help to us. We have worked through the design and formatting of the ad itself, coordinated our local efforts with the national campaign, co-crafting email notices to the Chapel Hill-Durham portion of the Campaign's database, and thinking through strategy. Josh has done a beautiful job of articulating the mission of the national Campaign, following the unfolding details of our local campaign, and offering support and guidance at every turn. His assistance has been invaluable. I've found Josh to be thoroughly well-informed on the issues, skilled in recognizing the unique tone and style of our particular local situation, and great to work with -- smart, savvy, funny, and supportive.

We look forward to our continuing partnership with the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation!" -Rev. J. Mark Davidson, Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC