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Announcing the First U.S.-Wide Interfaith Boycott Campaign!

by Anna Baltzer & Ramah Kudaimi
January 29th, 2013

Take Action this Super Bowl Week to Boycott SodaStream!

The US Campaign is thrilled to announce the launch of the first interfaith nationwide boycott campaign! This week, a coalition of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and other faith organizations that are part of the US Campaign coalition are starting a joint campaign to Boycott SodaStream! The launch comes just in time for the Super Bowl, during which the settlement product SodaStream will be airing a 30-second ad. Click here to endorse their petition to boycott SodaStream!

Spoof Ad- h/t @stephinrome

For years, interfaith cooperation was often confined to dialogue circles strictly avoiding discussion of Israel’s discriminatory policies for fear of offending someone. This new interfaith community represents a different model, one that stands on common values of freedom, justice, and equality. This is what real interfaith cooperation looks like

Anyone can sign the petition of support for this boycott campaign. Please sign today!

This week also marks the deadline for submissions to our Boycott SodaStream Spoof Ads Contest. All submissions are due by Friday, February 1 at 5:00pm EST. Click here for details, instructions, prizes, and to see the videos submitted so far.

Watch all the ads here!

Then check your inboxes on Saturday morning when the US Campaign will send out the link to vote on your favorite video!

Finally (yes, there’s more!), member groups around the country are preparing to host “Fizzless for Freedom” Super Bowl Parties. It’s simple: just invite some friends over for chips, dip, and social media! Ask them to bring their computers, creativity, and passion for justice.Do some tweeting and take some pictures to send to us. The US Campaign will offer support and ideas to make the social media event as successful as possible, including providing sample tweets. 

Click here to sign up to host your own “Fizzless for Freedom” Super Bowl Party!

This Super Bowl, don’t just watch from the sidelines! This week, be sure to sign the new boycott petition, watch and vote on the SodaStream spoof ads videos, and participate in a boycott SodaStream “Fizzless for Freedom” House Party to show SodaStream that occupation will never be on the winning side! The odds are with us. Are you? Join us all week to make a splash and burst SodaStream’s bubble!

Thank you for all your actions! 

P.S. Make sure to share the petition with your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter!