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Veolia Resources

(Update: In September 2013, Veolia Transdev sold off all bus lines operating throughout Israel/Palestine -- a historic BDS win. Please note that many of the resources below were created before this significant development, and may include reference to the bus lines.)

  • Reasons to challenge Veolia (October 2013 article on the many problems with Veolia including environmental destruction and contempt for workers.)

  • Veolia, feeling pressure, launches attack on Israel boycott movement (September 2013 article from Electronic Intifada) 

  • Sign up to receive a Veolia Campaign How-To Kit! This toolkit was developed by our member group North Coast Coalition for Palestine based on their exciting Veolia campaign in Sonoma County

  • Watch video of February 8, 2014 San Francisco conference about Veolia here and here. 

  • Watch Veolia National Briefing (November 20, 2013) 

  • Watch V-E-O-L-I-A

  • Fact sheet prepared by our member group St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee. Contains information about Veolia's history with labor, environmental practices, mismanagement, corruption, fraud, embezzlement, and human rights abuses in Israel/Palestine.

  • Sample statement opposing local Veolia contract.

  • Boycott from Within Letter of Support.

  • The Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem Letter of Support.

  • Letter of Support from The Palestinian Freedom Riders.

  • Boycott Veolia Logo.

  • Dump Veolia Sign.

  • Veolia Fact Sheets and Infographics

  • Veolia Practices Outside of Palestine/Israel.

  • Report on Veolia from Who Profits.

  • Israeli police and bus drivers preventing Palestinian workers from riding an Israeli bus.