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Veolia News

List of Veolia Campaign Victories
Compiled by Global Exchange. 

Veolia Loses Massachusetts Commuter Rail Contract
by Nancy Murray
January 9, 2014 
After a 2.5 year campaign, contract worth as much as $4.26 billion was awarded to competitor.

Veolia Withdraws from St. Louis Water Contract Bidding
by St. Louis Dump Veolia
October 29, 2013
Following almost a year of public protest of the corporation, Veolia withdrew its bid.

Veolia Sells Off All Bus Lines in Israel/Palestine!
by Anna Baltzer
September 24, 2013
Following years of global campaigning, major victory shows the power of BDS organizing

The Future of Our Movement: The Occupation On Trial Across the Nation
by Anna Baltzer
February 15, 2013
Read the moving story of how a Veolia campaign played out in Sonoma County, California, where a group of activists caught the attention of corporate America, multinationals, and official representatives of Israel when they challenged renewal of a local Veolia contract. A terrific model that can be replicated across the United States -- and beyond.

BDS campaign enters mainstream discourse as St. Louis mayoral candidates take sides over city Veolia contract!
by St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee
January 21, 2103
Palestine solidarity activists, environmentalists, workers, business owners, and others forced the city to shelve a Veolia contract following outcry. Following bird-dogging, the contract became a major issue in the election, elevating the Dump Veolia Campaign to mainstream visibility.

MEDIA RELEASE: Veolia Withdraws from California Water Contract Bidding
January 11, 2013
Following outcry from our member group Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights, Veolia withdraws from bidding on contract worth almost 1/3 billion dollars!

Quakers Divest from Veolia and Hewlett Packard!
by Anna Baltzer
September 25, 2012 
Friends Fiduciary Corporation becomes the first U.S. national fund to drop HP and Veolia, citing sales to Israel and social concerns.