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Has AIPAC Gone Too Far this Time?

by Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director and Mike Coogan, Legislative Coordinator
March 18th, 2013


Take Action-Push Back on AIPAC’s Agenda of War and Apartheid

A few weeks ago, we highlighted all that the US Campaign and our member groups did to Expose AIPAC and its agenda supporting an Israeli attack on Iran and Israel’s apartheid policies toward Palestinians.

As part of its annual policy conference, thousands of “Israel-first” AIPAC lobbyists descended on Capitol Hill to demand that Congress fully fund military aid to Israel despite across-the-board budget cuts, upgrade Israel to a “major strategic partner” of the United States, and provide Israel unlimited support should it launch a war against Iran.

In years past, when AIPAC has come to town, we’ve been used to seeing its legislative initiatives gather nearly immediate and almost wall-to-wall support from Members of Congress, who act quickly to send whatever letters or pass whatever resolutions AIPAC is pushing.

But this year, we’re noticing something different.

Members of Congress are not tripping over each other to guarantee full funding for Israel. They are not rushing into passing resolutions deemed by many analysts to be a “backdoor to war with Iran.” And they are not overwhelmingly embracing the notion that Israel should be made the first officially designated major strategic partner of the United States.

Are some Members of Congress belatedly waking up to the realization that the sky won’t fall if they don’t do AIPAC’s bidding? Are some of the dramatic changes in discourse we’ve witnessed in recent years finally starting to affect actual policy decision-making?

We’re not quite sure, but we do know this: we need to thank Members of Congress who are not jumping on the AIPAC bandwagon this year and express our displeasure with those who have.

Click here to find out if your Members of Congress have cosponsored legislation that AIPAC is pushing and then use our talking points and sample letters to call and write them to tell them what you think.

We know that sometimes it can seem pretty pointless to contact Congress. But if many Members of Congress are now beginning to find their backbones to oppose AIPAC’s legislative agenda, then the least we can do is encourage them.

So please take a few minutes to find out if your Members of Congress are backing AIPAC’s legislative agenda and contact them with your cheers or jeers!

Perhaps the winds of change are starting to blow on Capitol Hill. 

Let’s do our part to turn this into a gale of policy change.


Josh Ruebner
National Advocacy Director
Mike Coogan
Legislative Coordinator