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SodaStream Resources

Below are articles, graphics, songs, videos, and more to help with your SodaStream campaigns!

  • Video- Conflict Bubbles: Inside SodaStream's Occupied Territory Factory

  • Occupation Profiteering: The SodaStream Model for Success. January 2014 fact sheet from the Institute for Middle East Understanding.

  • Infographics from the Institute for Middle East Understanding. Click to see larger images. 

  • Who Profits report on SodaStream as a case study of settlement production and a May 2013 update. 

  • Fact sheet from member group Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel. 

  • Refutations of SodaStream's False Claims. Resourced refutations to various claims made in so-called “Facts and Truth” documents circulated by SodaStream around the world. 

  • How do Israeli settlements impact the Palestinian economy? Refuting claims that a boycott would hurt Palestinian workers. 

  • How does SodaStream treat its Palestinian workers when the media isn't looking? July 2014 article. 

  • Guide to alternatives to SodaStream. If you already have purchased a SodaStream device, you can buy refills here instead of from the company. 

  • Follow @stopsodastream on Twitter and Burst the Bubble: Boycott SodaStream on Facebook. 

  • Watch SodaStream: Keeping Apartheid in Business via Apartheid Adventures. 

  • Watch Soda Dreamin'

  • Listen: The SodaStream Smash (Monster Mash Parody)

  • Spoof Ads. Click to see larger images.

  • The graphics below are from BDS Italia. Click to see larger images.

  • Click image below to download PDF file for printing out posters (17x11).

  • Occupation is Scary Halloween resources via Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism. Download sample flier here and click on images below. 

  • Major news and announcements about SodaStream boycott from the BNC. 

  • Who Profits report on Palestinian workers in settlements.  

  • SodaStream "treats us like slaves," says Palestinian factory worker, article from Electronic Intifada 
  • An Israeli industrial park is a wild West Bank for labor rights: Israeli labor regulations apply in the Mishor Adumim industrial zone, but inspectors don't cross the Green Line to enter Area C, so there is no one to enforce them, article from Haaretz

  • Rush Limbaugh's New National Advertiser SodaStream Illegally Profits from Palestinian Misery, article from Daily Kos