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Take Action via Social Media!

July 2nd, 2013

Alicia Keys is still planning on performing in Tel Aviv, Israel on July 4, 2013.

You can help keep the pressure on her via social media!

1. Sample tweets below. If you use your own tweets, make sure to include #AKFAM and tweet to @aliciakeys, @IDTweeps, and @keepachildalive. 

  • Hey @aliciakeys It is apartheid. Don't be on the wrong side of history. Boycott Israel! cc @IDTweeps #AKFAM (Tweet Now)

  • Videos: Activists around the world to @aliciakeys: Playing in Israel is entertaining apartheid http://ow.ly/mAsPU cc @IDTweeps #AKFAM (Tweet Now)

  • Hey @aliciakeys Don't entertain apartheid. Cancel Israel! cc @IDTweeps (Tweet Now)

  • Don't perform in the apartheid state. Sing for freedom, not for apartheid @aliciakeys cc #IDTweeps #AKFAM (Tweet Now)

  • Apartheid Israel holds 5,000 Palestinians including 239 children in jail for resisting occupation. @keepachildalive (Tweet Now)

  • Watch Apartheid State of Mind http://ow.ly/mAErq cc @aliciakeys @IDTweeps #AKFAM (Tweet Now)

  • Learn about Boycott Divestment Sanctions #BDS movement for #Palestine rights & why Alicia Keys urged to cancel Israel (Tweet Now)

  • Why are activists asking Alicia Keys to cancel her concert in Israel? #AKFAM (Tweet Now)

  • "The reality of the Palestinian situation is nothing short of horrendous." cc @aliciakeys @IDTweeps @keepachildalive (Tweet Now)

2. Take a 30-second video on your phone, computer or camera telling her why she should respect the BDS call and post it to the "Alicia Keys: Don't be Fallin for Apartheid, Cancel Israel" Facebook page. Examples here.

3. You can post comments on her Facebook page linking to the letter "African Americans Affirming the Jim Crow analogy in Palestine/Israel" or the videos of activists asking her to cancel