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Wrap-Up of Visa Waiver Program Advocacy

by Mike Coogan, Legislative Coordinator

Action Alerts:

Council of American-Islamic Relations
Oppose Any Nation Treating Americans as Second Class.  April 15, 2013.

Friend Committee on National Legislation 
Oppose S. 462: Don’t codify discrimination.  May 7, 2013.

Arab American Institute 
Tell Congress to Oppose Visa Waiver for Israel.  May 9, 2013. 

American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Senator Boxer: Don’t Legalize Discrimination Against Us.

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation 
Oppose Visa Waiver Exemptions for Israel.  May 17, 2013.

American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee 
Should we legalize Israel's discrimination against Arab Americans?

Arab American Institute
Tell Your Member of Congress to Oppose Visa Waivers for Israel

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation 
Tell Congress: Don't Codify Israel's Jim Crow-Like Policies

Media Hits: 

Opening Visa Doors for Israel, Jonathan Broder, Congressional Quarterly.  January 192013.  

"They wanted me to list every young Palestinian that I knew," says Palestinian-American deported by Israel, Maureen Clare Murphy, Electronic Intifada.  February 27, 2013. 

Senate bill would exempt Israel from visa waiver requirements, Ron Kampeas, Jewish Telegraph Agency.  March 10, 2013

AIPAC’s legislative agenda dividing members of Congress, Mike Coogan, The Hill.  April 5, 2013.

In U.S. fight over visa waiver exemption for Israel, both sides cite discrimination, Ron Kampeas, Jewish Telegraph Agency.  April 11, 2013.

Barbara Boxer, AIPAC seek to codify Israel’s right to discriminate against Americans, Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian.  April 13, 2013.

U.S visa waiver bill stymied over Arab Americans entering Israel, JTA, Haaretz.  April 13, 2013.

U.S. Senate Taking Steps to Codify Discrimination Against Arab & Muslim Americans by Another Country, David Harris Gershon, Daily Kos.  April 14, 2013.

Congress should not reward Israel with Visa Waivers, James Zogby, The Huffington Post.  April 20, 2013.  

Finding our voices in the Palestinian stories we tell, Nour Joudah, Electronic Intifada.  April 24, 2013. 

Israel’s free pass from Boxer, George Bisharat, Los Angeles Times.  April 28, 2013.  

Don’t let Israel discriminate against Americans based on Religion, Zainab Choudry and Saqib Ali. The Baltimore Sun.  April 29, 2013.

Barbara Boxer: Withdraw Your Biased Bill, Maysoon Zayid, The Daily Beast.  April 29, 2013. 

Legalizing discrimination against U.S. Travelers, Sandra Tamari, St. Louis Post Dispatch.  May 1, 2013.

Israel shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate against any U.S. citizens¸ James Zogby, The Hill. May 2, 2013.

Sen. Boxer: Israel visa bill doesn’t condone discrimination, Senator Barbara Boxer, Los Angeles Times. May 5, 2013

Barbara Boxer suggests her visa waiver makes it tougher for Israel, Ron Kampeas, Jewish Telegraph Agency.  May 72013.

Senator Boxer's far-fetched defense of the visa waiver exemption for Israel, Mike Coogan, Mondoweiss.  May 10, 2013.

Boxer’s Israeli visa bill stirs backlash, Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle.  May 13, 2013.  

Groups say US visa waiver for Israelis should be reciprocal, MS, WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency.  May 18, 2013.

Barbara Boxer’s visa bill for Israel comes under concerted attack, Alex Kane, Mondoweiss.  May 18, 2013.  

The battle brewing over Sen. Boxer's Israel visa bill, Jonah Lowenfeld, Jewish Journal.  May 22, 2013.

Critics fear visa waiver for Israel glosses over discrimination against Americans, Ali Gharib and George Hale, The Daily Beast.  May 26, 2013. 

Schatz should oppose including Israel in visa-waiver program, Kristen-Marie Young Ortiz, Star Advertiser.  May 27, 2013.

Congress, administration disagree on Israeli visas, Bradley Klapper, Cincinnati Bell.  July 15, 2013.

Congress, administration spar over legislation to scrap visa requirement for Israeli travelers, Associated Press, FoxNews.com, The Detroit News, NPR.  July 15, 2013.

Friction expected on Israel-US visa measure, AP, The Boston Globe.  July 16, 2013. 

Stop Congress From Rewarding Israeli Discrimination, Anna Lekas Miller, The Nation.  September 30, 2013.   

A Lopsided U.S. Visa Waiver, Yousef Munayyer, The New York Times.  October 28, 2013.