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At the 3rd annual national organizers' conference of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, held in Washington, DC on June 4-7, 2004, representatives of the coalition's member groups emphasized the need to have a clearly defined media strategy, with emphasis on local mobilization and training in how to access the media in a constructive way.

To that end, PMWATCH was chosen by the Campaign to move this work
forward and serve as the Campaign's coordinating mechanism.  With nearly
four years of experience monitoring US media coverage of the occupation,
with grass-roots mobilization for accurate and informative coverage, and
with local presence in more than 40 cities across the US, PMWATCH is
ideally positioned to help members of the coalition engage the US media
more effectively and with greater efficiency.

More specifically, PMWATCH will help coalition member groups with the

(1) provide them with tools to become more effective media activists --
e.g., material on how to set up a media watch group, PowerPoint
presentations on media coverage of the occupation, contact information
to media, access to documentaries, etc.,

(2) give them access to a large network of media activists focusing on
the occupation-- hence enabling them to coordinate strategic actions, providing them with the means to quickly spread the word to the right people (i.e.,
fellow media activists), etc.

If your organization does engage in media activism (for instance, you
have a media committee), please consider having someone within your
organization join PMWATCH as your organization's representative.

A great deal of "re-inventing the wheel" is taking place simply because
organizations are not aware of the work that has been done by other
fellow organizations.  This is especially true for media activism.
Through four years of experience and hard work, PMWATCH has acquired a
great deal of knowledge on what works and what doesn't in media activism
on the occupation, and has accumulated a large repository of time-tested
media activism tools.  PMWATCH is more than willing to share its
knowledge and tools with any organization interested in media activism.

Moreover, rather than work in isolation, within the PMWATCH umbrella
your representative will be part of a group comprising other
representatives from other organizations, each monitoring their
respective local media outlet.  They will be able to learn from each
other, take advantage of advice from those with more experience, and in
general feel a lot more empowered by the mere fact that they are part of
a vast network of like-minded fellow media activists.

The PMWATCH network will coordinate closely with the Campaign's
Congressional District Coordinator Network.

If your organization is interested in sending a representative to
PMWATCH to engage in media activism, please contact Rima Mutreja at