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Social Media and Online Actions

Tweet and post on Facebook the messages below to let Target know to stop selling SodaStream products. 

Read more about culture jamming around SodaStream in EI's article "Activists burst occupation profiteer SodaStream’s “feel-good” bubble." 

Hashtags and handles to use: @Target, @SodaStreamUSA, #MyKindOfHoliday, #TargetTruth, #BDS   


Click on Tweet Now to automatically send a tweet that includes a link to more information about SodaStream.

  • Hey @Target, #MyKindOfHoliday is one that doesn't support occupation. Boycott #SodaStream. (Tweet Now)

  • #MyKindOfHoliday upholds human rights & equality not occupation & illegal settlements. #BoycottSodaStream (Tweet Now)

  • Hey @Target, buying products that abuse human rights isn't our kind of holiday. Boycott SodaStream. #MyKindOfHoliday (Tweet Now)

  • #TargetTruth: SodaStream manufactures its products in an illegal Israeli settlement. #BoycottSodaStream (Tweet Now)

  • SodaStream exploits resources & labor. It doesn't comply with @Target's "responsible sourcing." #TargetTruth. (Tweet Now)

  • -@WhoopiGoldberg Learn why activists are asking @Target to boycott SodaStream. http://youtu.be/SVNR2gxfhrk #BDS (Tweet Now) (SodaStream recently managed to get its product promoted as one of the “favorite things” of celebrity Whoopi Goldberg, host of the ABC chat show The View).

You can also post comments on Target's Facebook page here. 

You can include links to information about SodaStream, which you can find at www.endtheoccupation.org/sodastream2013.

Also post the Days of Action promo video. 


Use these images for your campaigns and post them online on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networks. Click each to see a larger size. 

Share the images via Facebook here and here! 


Follow @US_Campaign and @stopsodastream on Twitter and like US Campaign on Facebook and Burst the Bubble: Boycott SodaStream for more online actions.  

Join Jewish Voice for Peace-Seattle in their online action asking Sur La Table to deshelve SodaStream by posting reviews on their site. The store has been deleting negative reviews so make sure to take a screenshot of your post and send to seattle@jvp.org. 

Join Palestine Solidarity Committee- Seattle and Northwest BDS Coalition in telling Bartell to Stop Selling SodaStream