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Action Needed! American Studies Association National Council Unanimously Endorses Academic Boycott!

by Anna Baltzer, National Organizer
December 5th, 2013

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Click above to thank the ASA National Council for endorsing the academic boycott of Israel!

Yesterday, the National Council of the American Studies Association (ASA) announced its unanimous decision to endorse and honor the Palestinian civil society call for the academic boycott of Israel -- a tremendous development effectively "breaking the taboo" around academic boycott of Israel in the United States.

Not surprisingly, the ASA is already receiving a barrage of criticism from boycott opponents. It's up to us to show the ASA what broad support exists for its decision and for the academic boycott!

Click here to sign a petition thanking the ASA National Council for endorsing the academic boycott!

The Council has now asked its 5,000 ASA members to endorse the resolution by a vote -- one of the largest referenda on academic boycott in the United States to date.

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ASA national council members hear testimonies on academic boycott. Click above to thank the council for their endorsement of the boycott!

The significance of the the Council's endorsement can hardly be overestimated. ASA may become the first large U.S. academic organization to endorse the boycott -- on the heels of the Association of Asian American Studies' also significant endorsement of academic boycott earlier this year. The boycott is one of the most powerful ways to refuse support for Israeli institutions that whitewash or contribute to Israel's egregious violations of Palestinian rights. After all, Israeli academia is at the forefront of Israel's propaganda and military efforts.

The Council needs your support! Here are several ways to show it:

Sign the petition! Before anything else, please take a moment to thank the ASA National Council for its courageous, historic decision!

Organizational Endorsements & Letters: Click here to endorse the petition on behalf of your organization, or submit your own organizational letter of congratulations and thanks to ASA here or post to their Facebook page.

Do you know academics in the ASA? Encourage members to vote here by December 15th.  Members span many disciplines and departments, so try reaching out to friends in academia and ask them to share with colleagues too. Every vote counts!

Are you on a campus? Now is a great time to submit pieces on the importance of academic boycott to university newspapers. For help with talking points and/or placing a piece, contact bdsmediahelp@gmail.com.

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ASA members and conference witnesses have written various powerful pieces (compiled by member group US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel) explaining the boycott and its significance, and dispelling common myths that surround it. For example, far from stifling academic freedom, the boycott aims to expand academic freedoms of those -- in Israel/Palestine and the United States -- who have been suppressed repeatedly through Israel's discriminatory policies and propaganda efforts. Check out our BDS FAQs for more on academic boycott.

Please thank the ASA today
to ensure the success of this historic breakthrough!

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