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#FreeConeDay Twitter Actions!

Join efforts to pressure the company to end its complicity in Israel's occupation of Palestine and stop selling its ice cream in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

Use #FreeConeDay and tweet @benandjerrys. Copy and paste the tweets below and include the link http://vtjp.org/icecream/. 

  • Occupation is Udderly Unjust. Ask @benandjerrys to stop selling in illegal settlements #FreeConeDay 

  • Hot Fudge Cannot Cover Up Injustice. Ask @benandjerrys to end complicity in Israeli occupation #FreeConeDay

  • Ask Ben & Jerry's to Put a "Freeze" on Sales to Settlements #FreeConeDay 

  • Tell @benandjerrys: No Peace in These Pints! #FreeConeDay #BDS 

  • It is a Rocky Road to Justice. Take action this #FreeConeDay at your local Ben & Jerry's #BDS 

  • The scoop on @benandjerrys is they sell ice cream to Israeli settlements. Ask them to stop. #FreeConeDay 

  • This #FreeConeDay tell @benandjerrys: Dough for Ice Cream Not for Occupation! #BDS 

  • Join the #BDS MOOOvement #FreeConeDay