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Letter of Support for New York University SJP

May 9th, 2014

Last month Students for Justice in Palestine at New York University organized a mock eviction action on their campus. In response pro-Israel groups both on and off campus have launched an intimidation campaign against the group through false accusations of anti-Semitism.

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Dear New York University Students for Justice in Palestine,  

As a coalition of more than 400 groups in the United States working for freedom, justice, and equality, we are writing to say we stand in solidarity with you as you fight efforts to smear your activism for Palestinian rights. 

We are outraged that pro-Israel groups both on and off campus would attempt to intimidate your group with baseless accusations of anti-Semitism when the mock eviction action you staged last month was a peaceful protest to bring attention to Israel's daily violations of international law and human rights abuses. 

Campuses have been at the forefront of social justice struggles throughout history, even when doing so was unpopular. We are inspired to see you continuing this legacy at NYU in spite of the growing number of cases of repression of Palestinian rights activism in the United States as documented by Palestine Solidarity Legal Support. 

This tactic of those opposing Palestinian rights to accuse activists of bigotry is an attempt to suppress discussion of Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people and U.S. support for these actions. We  strongly support your SJP in your refusal to succumb to efforts linking criticism of Israeli policy to anti-Semitism. We call on the NYU administration to refrain from taking disciplinary action against your group or the students involved in this action and to respond vigorously to the false allegations you have been subjected to by reaffirming the university’s unwavering commitment to free speech and nonviolent protest. NYU administrators should note that after an immense outpouring of support, Northeastern University was forced to lift its suspension of SJP, who were also wrongfully sanctioned for distributing mock eviction notices after a pressure campaign was orchestrated by Boston pro-Israel groups. 

The global movement for Palestinian rights continues to grow as more and more people demand an end to Israeli occupation and apartheid. We applaud your efforts to ensure that your university stands on the right side of history. 


US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, a national coalition working to end all U.S. support for Israeli occupation and apartheid policies towards Palestinians. 

Endorsed by: 

  1. 14 Friends of Palestine, Marin
  2. Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel
  3. Albany-Corvallis Friends of Middle East Peace
  4. American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, San Diego 
  5. Bay Area Women in Black
  6. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Boulder 
  7. Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition
  8. Citizens for Justice in the Middle East, Kansas City
  9. Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism 
  10. Committee for Palestinian Rights, MD
  11. Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine
  12. Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network
  13. Friends of Palestine Wisconsin
  14. Friends of Sabeel-Colorado
  15. Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions- USA 
  16. Jewish Voice for Peace- Bay Area Chapter
  17. LA Jews for Peace
  18. Madison-Rafah Sister City Project
  19. Methodist Federation for Social Action
  20. Middle East Crisis Response- NY
  21. MidEast: JustPeace- MI
  22. Network for Environmental & Economic Responsibility United Church of Christ
  23. New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnership
  24. Palestine-Israel Working Group- CA
  25. St. Louis Jewish Voice for Peace
  26. St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee
  27. Tiffin Area Pax Christi- OH
  28. United Methodists' Holy Land Task Force
  29. US Peace Council- CT
  30. Vancouver for Peace- WA
  31. Voices for Palestine- PA
  32. Wisconsin Middle East Lobby Group
PDF of letter here