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Visa Waiver Briefing - Committee Action

by Mike Coogan, Legislative Coordinator
May 15th, 2014

We need you to call the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today and urge them to hold Israel accountable for its discriminatory policies rather than reward it with entry into the U.S. Visa Waiver Program. 

Contact information:

Senator Menendez - 202-224-4744

Ranking Member:
Senator Corker - 202-224-3344

Talking Points:

1.  Instead of rewarding Israel with entry into the Visa Waiver Program, I urge you to call on the State Department to begin tracking and reporting incidents of discrimination and mistreatment of U.S. citizens by Israeli authorities.

2.  The State Department has expressed strong concerns about Israel's routine discrimination against U.S. citizens based on race, religion, or political beliefs.  

3.  Israel's treatment of U.S. citizens constitutes a clear violation of the Visa Waiver Program's reciprocity requirement.

4.  Israel's treatment of U.S. citizens contravenes the 1951 United States-Israel Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation Treaty, and it should be held accountable for these violations.

*The official title of the visa waiver legislation is the United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2013 (S. 462).