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Tell World Music Institute: Don't Whitewash Israeli Crimes

by Ramah Kudaimi, Membership & Outreach Coordinator
October 28th, 2014

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Act to Protest Performance of Israeli Ambassador & Propagandist Idan Raichel   

Israeli musician Idan Raichel will be playing in New York City on November 18 as part of a U.S. tour. Raichel portrays himself as a proponent of multiculturalism and tolerance, but his actions belie that characterization as he has explicitly described his role as an artist in terms of uncritical support for the Israeli military and government

Tell the World Music Institute to cancel his concert!

2013 protest of Idan Raichel NY concert.

Raichel is a key partner in the Israeli government’s “Brand Israel” public relations initiative that includes sending Israeli artists and musicians abroad to "show Israel's prettier face, so we are not thought of purely in the context of war." He is a steadfast and outspoken supporter of the Israeli military who often plays for Israeli soldiers and defends Israel’s use of torture. He has been praised by Israeli government officials as one of Israel’s best ambassadors.

Raichel's concert in NYC is presented by the World Music Institute which states in its mission statement: "Music and dance are both a means to communicate social values and a measure of a society’s aspirations. . . . WMI’s programs are intended to reinforce the cultural values of the community and to communicate to all the unique power of each individual culture." 

Our partners Adalah-NY and the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) are calling on WMI tocancel Raichel’s show. Their
letter has been signed by 26 groups worldwide and nearly 700 individuals. Add your name now!

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  • ACT > SIGN letter to @WMInyc - Cancel Idan Raichel concert. #BDS. Raichel: “We are cultural ambassadors for Israel.” (Tweet Now)

  • Idan Raichel re Isr army: “a more moral army you will not find in the entire world.” SIGN to cancel his show. #BDS (Tweet Now

  • ACT > to cancel Idan Raichel show. #BDS Idan played 4 Israeli soldiers before, during & after Israel’s #Gaza assault. (Tweet Now)

  • SIGN letter 2 @WMInyc- Cancel Raichel show. #BDS Israeli consul “Idan is maybe the best ambassador that Israel has." (Tweet Now

Also please consider organizing a protest action at one of Raichel’s shows as he tours the U.S. and Canada November 7–23. If the NYC show goes ahead on November 18, join Adalah-NY for a protest there. He will also be playing in Northridge, San Francisco, and Grass Valley, CA; Boulder, CO; Phoenix, AZ; Ogden, UT; Seattle, WA; Frederick, MD; Toronto, Canada; Albany, NY; and Bethlehem, PA. His full schedule is available here (click on the tab for “Shows”). 

Adalah-NY has resources and information from past protests of Raichel’s concerts available

Thank you for taking action.

PS- We are excited to share a BDS win from another member group. CODEPINK: Women for Peace announced today that the online shopping site GILT, with over six million members, has dropped Ahava cosmetics, which are made in an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank, from its roster of products! Read more here