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Take Action to Free Rasmea Now!

November 12th, 2014

Participate in National Week of Action 11/12-11/18

“Someday we will find fairness, in some place in the world.”

These are the words Palestinian-American activist Rasmea Odeh, 67, said to her supporters Monday after a federal jury in Detroit found her guilty of one count of Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization. 

For over a year, Rasmea, her supporters, and her legal team have been battling this unjust government prosecution, saying from the start that the immigration charge was nothing but a pretext to attack this icon of the Palestine liberation movement. 

Judge Gershwin Drain allowed the Israeli conviction of Rasmea in 1969 to be used as evidence against her, the torture and rape she suffered, which he admitted was credible, was not allowed as evidence, a move that made it impossible for her to have a fair trial. And after Rasmea was convicted, Judge Drain decided to revoke her bond, and she is now imprisoned awaiting a sentencing hearing in March 2015.

Rasmea has asked her supporters to stay strong and continue her struggle (watch her here). The Rasmea Defense Committee with Students for Justice in Palestine are calling on Palestinian and Palestine solidarity organizations and others committed to opposing political repression across the United States to participate in a national week of action to win her freedom now

Write to Judge Drain and urge him to send Rasmea home. 
Click here for sample letter.

Organize a protest at your local federal building or on your campus. Activists this morning in Oakland, CA chained themselves to doors of the federal courthouse. Actions are already planned for today in Chicago and for Friday, November 14 in NYC. Send information about your plans, pictures, and videos to justice4rasmea@uspcn.org.

Send letters of support to Rasmea, who is being imprisoned far from her home in Chicago. You can send them to Rasmieh Odeh #144979, 
St. Clair County Jail, 1170 Michigan, Port Huron, MI 48060.

If you are on Twitter, follow 
@Justice4Rasmea and@uspcn for updates and other action ideas. Tweet pictures and videos of your actions using #Justice4Rasmea and #FreeRasmeaNow

Fundraise to help raise money for Rasmea’s appeal. 

Instead of the United States holding Israel accountable for its torture of Rasmea, the government has sent her to jail. Instead of the U.S. government ending its support for Israeli policies that kill and displace Palestinians, it has spent the past year persecuting Rasmea for her activism, just the latest example of efforts to criminalize work for Palestinian rights.

Please take action to demand: Free Rasmea Now!