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Could you have imagined?

by Anna Baltzer, National Organizer
December 17th, 2014

Boycott SodaStream

One year ago, could you have imagined the incredible boycott and divestment breakthroughs that 2014 would bring? Let's take settlement company SodaStream as one example. This year alone, in:

  • January: SodaStream ambassador and Hollywood sweetheart Scarlett Johansson is forced to step down from her role with Oxfam because she cannot champion both human rights and occupation at the same time, a ground-breaking victory generating unprecedented media attention and embarrassment for the company.

  • April: Earth Day Network -- an environmental movement operating in 192 countries -- cuts ties with SodaStream just in time for Earth Day.

  • May: SodaStream's CEO announces profits are plummeting, having dropped nearly 85% due in part to a "challenging holiday season" in the U.S.

  • August: Billionaire investor George Soros divests his entire stake in SodaStream.

  • September: Macy's stops carrying SodaStream, becoming the campaign's largest U.S. retail de-shelving victory.

  • October: HUGE NEWS! SodaStream announces plans to shut down its settlement factory!

These incredible breakthroughs don't happen by themselves. They are the result of intense, sustained organizing by the US Campaign and partners around the country and the world. They only happen when we work together. Will you be our partner on this and other campaigns today?

The US Campaign was there every step of the way, from behind-the-scenes advocacy with Oxfam and ScarJo to petitioning Earth Day Network; from launching the first Interfaith Boycott Coalition to promoting actions outside Macy's and other stores during our Boycott SodaStream Holiday Days of Action. Events were held in 51 cities spanning 17 states, 6 countries, and 3 continents -- all of which created a wave of momentum that continues to ripple today.

We do all this with an organizing staff of 2, a tiny office, and a very modest budget. Just imagine how much more we could accomplish with your help to grow our capacity!

Please give $10, $25, $50 or more to build toward even greater victories in 2015!

SodaStream announced plans to shut down its settlement factory, but we know from experience that there is no guarantee that it will do so. More than ever, we need to keep the pressure on to seal this victory. We must ensure that SodaStream does not operate on any stolen Palestinian land -- be it in a West Bank settlement or on Bedouin land in the Negev, as SodaStream now suggests. In fact, SodaStream's plans offer us an amazing opportunity to ensure that our coalition's work is ethically consistent in opposing all forms of corporate colonization anywhere in historic Palestine.

At this very moment, the US Campaign is organizing more Boycott SodaStream Days of Action with member groups during this holiday season. Sure enough, last week, at the height of the shopping season, SodaStream revenues fell to a 52-week low! We can win this. But only if we work together.

With your help, we can ensure that 2015 brings even more victories for the movement for Palestinian rights. Please take a moment to contribute today to
keep the victories coming.

Olive Branch Club

P.S. If you join the Olive Branch Club by giving a monthly or quarterly donation, we'll sign and send you (or a friend) a free copy of National Organizer Anna Baltzer's full-color book, Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories, to express our gratitude. Recurring donations of any size play a crucial role in building our strength -- here's why.