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Join National Call-In Day to #SkipTheSpeech

by Josh Ruebner, Policy Director
February 18th, 2015

Take Action: Call Your Members of Congress Today to Boycott Bibi

At least 25 Members of Congress have now publicly confirmed that they will #SkipTheSpeech of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he addresses Congress on March 3. 

Take action: Call Members of Congress today and tell them to #SkipTheSpeech.

Today we’re asking you to join in a national call-in day organized by us, American Muslims for Palestine, Jewish Voice for PeaceRoots Action and others to thank Members of Congress who have pledged to #SkipTheSpeech and encourage more to join them. 

Just click on our special national call-in day page, enter your zip code, and we’ll give you the phone numbers for your Members of Congress along with customized talking points based on whether or not they plan to attend.

It's incredibly easy and will take you less than five minutes so please pick up the phone and call right now!

After you’ve made your calls, we’ve got a brief form for you to let us know how they went. Be sure to let us know if we can add your Members of Congress to the growing list of those who have committed to #SkipTheSpeech!

And be sure to let everyone know about this national call-in day by sharing it on social media by clicking at the top of this page.

We’ve also created a new section on our website: www.endtheoccupation.org/skipthespeech with everything you need to convince your Member of Congress to #SkipTheSpeech, including additional talking points, shareable memes and more.  

Members of Congress are still in their home districts this week for their Presidents Day recess. Here are some ideas for how you can engage them in person to #SkipTheSpeech.

Thanks for taking action!

Josh Ruebner, 
Policy Director

The US Campaign mourns the loss of Dr. Naseer Aruri, who served on our Advisory Board.  As fellow Advisory Board member Nadia Hijab wrote, Dr. Aruri was “one of the first to lend his hand to the building of this coalition. He understood its importance at once. And how could he not, for he had dedicated his life to building and sustaining organizations for justice.” Read more about Dr. Aruri’s life in our tribute to him.