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Victory at UT! Will You Stand Up for Northeastern Too?

by Anna Baltzer, National Organizer
March 7th, 2015

U. of Toledo SJP delivered 5K signatures to their student government, which subsequently voted 21:4 to divest! Click to sign a similar petition to Northeastern U.

Big news! After more than 5,000 of you signed a petition last month calling on the University of Toledo (UT) to respect free speech and transparency and allow for a vote on divestment, the student government voted on Monday to allow the vote, and on Tuesday they voted 21:4 in favor of divestment! Your voices made a difference for UT Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), which delivered the 122-page petition.

[[First_Name]], will you make a difference on the next divestment "battleground" campus by signing this petition to Northeastern?

While divestment finally got a fair hearing at UT, repression of SJPs and the extraordinary divestment campaigns they are leading nationwide is only increasing. Last month, the Student Government Association (SGA) cabinet of Northeastern University sent a memo to the campus SJP refusing to allow a student referendum on divestment. The SGA cabinet members later deferred the decision and will allow the whole SGA senate to make the final decision -- on whether to allow a divestment vote or not -- on March 16.

Stand up for students' right to vote on divestment! Click here to sign a petition to Northeastern SGA!

Northeastern students protest bureaucratic repression last Monday. Click to sign a petition in support.

In an Orwellian twist, the SGA memo claimed that a divestment campaign would create a "hostile, threatening, intimidating, humiliating, or otherwise abusive environment" for Northeastern students, constituting discrimination and harassment and thus violating the university's policy on Equal Opportunity! The memo cited examples of emotional distress experienced by Israel-aligned students when the issue of Palestinian rights comes up. Member group Jewish Voice for Peace Boston sent this powerful letter of support for SJP to the SGA president, stating: "The examples that you cite blur the distinction between Judaism and political support for Israel. Furthermore, you confuse 'bullying' with the discomfort experienced by people with privilege who are confronted with the reality of oppression." 

Click here to write to Northeastern SGA President Noah Carville and others, protesting student repression and standing up for divestment!

Demonization and repression of SJPs has reached new levels since release of a grotesque campaign by the infamously Islamophobic David Horowitz Freedom Center [sic] urging "mock hangings" and "mock stonings," and plastering campuses nationwide with libelous posters calling SJPs "#JewHaters."

Campus Divest 2015

There has never been a more critical moment to stand up for student rights. Last year, many of you stood up for Northeastern SJP when it was suspended and sanctioned by the administration. Eventually, the university responded to mounting pressure and lifted the suspension, but bureaucratic obstacles for the SJP have remained in place and now SJP needs your help again. 

Your voice counted for the University of Toledo.
Click here to make your voice count for Northeastern today!

P.S. Ohio State University students are also looking for support for their #OSUDivest campaign. Organizations can endorse via this link and you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.