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Free Cone Day Cantastoria

Free Cone Day is an excellent time for Palestine educational activities. A cantastoria is ideal for this. It is a set of drawings telling a story and a narrator who points at the images and performs or improvises around them, with or without sound punctuation – as with a drum, squeeze-bulb horn, or bicycle bell. Cantastorias are short and portable, and the performer moves along the line, engaging different groups. Colleagues can be ready with leaflets when the show is over.

VTJP has prepared a series of drawings, and they can be reproduced by others– or you can make your own. Whether you use VTJP’s, or your own, you are encouraged to “discover”along with the audience a narrative conveyed by the drawings then improvise around that narrative to shape or guide what you say.  

For example in VTJP’s set of paintings, you’ll see:

  • Title page (“Ladies and Gentlemen, [Your Organization] Presents….”)
  • Ben Cone & a Jerry Cone 
  • Maps documenting a shrinking Palestinian territory and ethnic cleansing
  • Illegal Israeli settlement
  • Wall guarding that settlement and Palestinians locked in on the other side
  • Jewish-only road with a Ben & Jerry’s truck traveling to stock supermarkets in illegal settlements, plus a party cart to serve the settlers
  • Ben & Jerry’s Good Angels showering Peace, Love, and Palestinian almonds 
  • Even the clouds are happy
  • But the people at a checkpoint on the other side of the Wall don’t look so happy
  • Ben & Jerry’s Bad Angels…the Good Angels’ wings don’t quite hide them. This is an attempt at “Angel Washing,” something like Greenwashing. The company hiding behind its Mission Statement. 
  • A checkpoint for the Palestinians and for us to check our evaluation of Ben & Jerry’s  

The narrator can then go on into the demands and actions called for in the accompanying leaflets. You can email icecream@vtjp.org for support.