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Urge Lawmakers to Attend Briefing on Israel's Mistreatment of Children

Take Action: Invite Lawmakers and Their Staff to Attend an Important Briefing on Capitol Hill (June 2)

Every year, hundreds of Palestinian children - some as young as 7 years old - are detained and arrested in an Israeli military detention system where ill treatment and abuse is widespread. 

Many are taken from their families in night raids, held without charges or due process, and subjected to abuse or poor conditions while in custody.

Please contact your lawmakers today and urge them to attend an upcoming Congressional briefing focused on Israel's mistreatment of Palestinian children.

The "No Way to Treat a Child" campaign, organized by the Chicago Faith Coalition, is aimed at bringing attention to Israel's routine mistreatment of Palestinian children. Now, the coalition needs your help to make sure these important voices are heard by Members of Congress and their staff. Please click here to read a description of the upcoming briefing.

Among those testifying at the June 2nd briefing will be Tariq Abu Khdeir, a Palestinian American teenager who was brutally beaten by Israeli police as he lay handcuffed and unconscious on the ground. Since his beating and arrest, which was caught on video, only one of the at least three Israeli police officers who were involved have been charged with a crime. Tariq's case illustrates the impunity with which Israel's military and police kidnap, abuse, and wrongfully detain minors. 

When we ask Congressional staff why they come to these Congressional briefings, they frequently respond "because constituents asked us to attend." Your calls and emails are critical to ensuring these important voices are heard on Capitol Hill, so please take action today. 

Thanks for making sure these important voices are heard in the halls of congress.


Mike Coogan                                         
Legislative Coordinator

P.S. -- Your calls and emails last summer helped pack a Congressional briefing where Tariq and others testified. Your outreach will once again be critical to ensuring this briefing is a success. 

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