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Other Organizations, Resources, and Articles on the Caterpillar Campaign


Jewish Voice for Peace
Cat Destroys Homes
Stop US Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now (SUSTAIN)
Students for Justice in Palestine, Berkeley
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
Jews Against the Occupation

To have your organization listed here, please email corporations@endtheoccupation.org with a link to the relevant material on your organization's website.


Applied Research Institute

Badil Resource Center


Gush Shalom 

Israeli Coalition Against Home Demolitions

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights


Palestine Monitor

Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group

Indymedia (Jerusalem) | Stop Caterpillar's Destruction of Palestinian Lives!
Electronic Intifada | Sur Baher: "Caterpillar Did it Again!"
Jerusalem Center for Economic and Social Rights | Caterpillar should end aiding Israel's demolishing of Palestinian homes
Village Voice | Letter from Palestine: Impunity and Its Discontents
The Caterpillar Effect | Neve Gordon (for SUSTAIN)
Washington Report | Caterpillar’s Role in Israel’s Demolition of Palestinian Homes
Shout Monthly | Should Corporations Care: The Caterpillar Conundrum
Socialist Worker | Activists launch campaign for divestment: "Making the issue real"
CPTNet | CPT vigil/walk challenges Boeing and Caterpillar to put children's lives first
CounterPunch | Fortress Israel: The Message of the Bulldozer | Jeff Halper